Pride Reserve Mailer Out

Anybody tried the 2007s?

No price increase this year. (Still $125 per)

I think these will be some of the best Reserve Wines Pride has ever made. With the new winemaker having her foot securely planted, things seem to be on the upswing, starting with last years Reserve wines.

Jack, which of the Reserves did we try? Merlot? I know we did the cab, but not sure of the vintage

had the components of '07 reserved stuff few years back out of barrels and thought it was one of the best pride reserve stuff in a long time

I don’t think Pride does a reserve merlot, just a cab and claret.

They do make a reserve Merlot, but they call it a Vintner’s Select Cuvee…Used to be called something different like Mountain Top Merlot.