Premier Cru record - it took a while . . .

I am an unabashed Premier Cru fan first of all.
Once they couldn’t deliver and substituted something much cooler (if you like Mags of Ramonet Grand Crus)

That said, I received this spring a six pack of Kirwan 05 bought on release (it is 2015 I believe?).

As far as I can tell, I hold the record!!!

You can pobega one and not feel bad! Nice.

Not a record I would want.

That is a long wait! You are a man of great patience.

As long as the provenance is good, no problem - not ready for prime time anyways. Hard to keep track of purchases made 8+ years ago though.

That’s what CellarTracker is for, man!

Was CT available back then??

The one and only time I ever bought futures was the 2000 Bordeaux and bought about 6 cases of assorted wines. I completely lost track of what was purchased and for years I would get calls from local wine store telling me to pick up my wines. I think I got em all but don’t know for sure. CT was a savior when it arrived.

Premier Cru’s website keeps track your purchases for you, and I have found it to be 100% reliable.

I guess the question now is, was it worth the wait?

I suspect that being an “unabashed Premier Cru fan” means “yes”

Yes, whatever else you say about PC, their website and “My Account” inventory are pretty much unimpeachable.

Ryan’s post just prompted me to check “my account”. And voila, some more things have arrived! I wish they would send you an email notice, that would be nice. So my only open order now is the 2010 GPL, which I placed on 2/27/13. I would not ship until Fall anyway.

On the BWE board there seem to be reports of 8-10 years. Personally have had to wait ten years, and then eventually take a substitution (a very generous one at that, so no complaints), but I don’t know if / think that counts for the purpose of this record.

I joined CellarTracker in 2004.

Worth the wait? Had one bottle, lovely but too young.
Now I’ll wait 5-10 years and try another :slight_smile:

That’s a lot of hot summers between release and now.

Scott, have you had problems of Premier Cru delivering cooked wine to you?

I believe it started in 2004

I had a cooked mag of Pegau one year, yes.

This is the issue I have. They’ve almost always delivered for me, but the wait is an issue. Who knows where these wines have been. Most of them are probably fine, but I just like the idea of having them reside in my own cellar as soon as possible.

Regardless of whether theyve ever delivered cooked wines, the issue is that the longer it takes from ordering a wine to receiving a wine, the greater the chance for something to go wrong.