Pre Y2K Classic Cali Cabs: Monday April 13TH -Wu's Wonton King: 2 spots

Been thinking of doing a To Kalon themed dinner for a long while. Too complicated as not sure if there is enough interest and enough folks have properly aged examples. Instead doing a broader themed Aged cab theme and I could provide a flight of three nice aged To Kalons.

We currently have 4 attendees and looking for 2 more ideally. The event will be held at Wu’s Wonton King in Chinatown at 6:30 pm. Corkage fee is ZERO.

The restaurant does a great Peking Duck and one of my favorite other Dishes is their Sauteed Dungeness Crab All of the previous dishes at past dinners have also been very good. At the last dinner I attended there our tab per person was a whopping $48 per person with tax and tip. Hard to beat the value in the Big Apple. FYI: To anyone not familiar with the place: The restaurant is 30 minutes away from GCT and is very close to Brooklyn.

Anyone who would like to attend, but does not have a themed bottle can be accommodated with a swap from my cellar, and all my old cabs were bought on release with a few rare exceptions.



As per my usual protocol I will provide a Champagne to start the evening,

So anybody else wish to join in ?

Myriad’s wine isn’t from tokalon; tor, detert and definitely mondavi should be considered.

I’d be interested in an aged cab theme. I don’t have any To Kalons, however.

There are some bottle ideas in this link from this 13 year old thread from some inconsequential little NYC group.

I will even help in some restaurant recommendations that could work better with Cabernet Sauvignon.

Risotteria Melotti NYC

Piccola Strada

North Square on Waverly

Trattoria Italienne

Your’re welcome. champagne.gif

Can’t go wrong with North Star. Great food and a nice private space!

cleaning up the thread.

Thanks Michael. Mike, Steve, and Tom for your input and/or interest in attending. Also Mr fu thank you for your diligence and keeping an eye open. I am now officially a target of various pot stirrers. I am glad I missed whatever was said, as I can imagine it was not pretty.

don’t have any tk but like wu’s, would be fun to try a lot of dishes, have mostly focused on their roast meat.

How about cab <= y2k?

Ginger-scallion sauce makes anything in a pot both pretty and tasty. Well, almost anything.

Jonathan Sirot, check your PM’s. -Michael Carpenter

Bump… Nobody else has 20 year old cans. I guess in our immediate gratification society most folks drank em 15 years ago, but will give the theme 1 more week and then will change theme to simply bring a cab that doesn’t suck

I managed to buy faster than I could drink. Examples include the LaJota Anniversary 1994 which you, Tim, and I drank at Gramercy.

would like to attend but have plans that evening.