Post your CELLAR PIC time…..

I’m glad the notes were helpful.

For shelf pins, I used Prime-Line U-10168 shelf pins. I chose them because they are one of the few readily available L-shaped shelf pins that provides information about their weight capacity. These pins are rated for 20 pounds each, so 80 lbs for a standard shelf or 160 lbs for a double deep shelf—more than enough to support wine.

These shelf pins require 1/4-inch holes, and are available on Amazon, and at both Home Depot (SKU #330852) and Lowe’s (Item #5467432) in 8-packs.

Hope that helps!

Very helpful, thanks!

Edit: One more question: Did you actually treat the boards in any way? Our basement is fairly dry, and if anything I’m going to run into low moisture issues. Gold’s recommendation of two layers of urethane seems a bit overkill.

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I applied two coats of Tung oil, but it was mostly for appearance. I like the way it looks, it’s easy to apply, and it prevents staining down the road (even if only from hand oils).

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