Post Parade Wines (Another TRB Project)?

I guess at some point I signed up for this winery (cannot recall actually), and today the release letter came out. TRB as the winemaker and it looks to be a pair of limited case production 2015 cabs from three vineyards with Tench being in there. Pricing is on the lower side for a Thomas Brown Cab.

Anybody taste the wine or know anything more than the above?

That is an interesting winery project. I like the different approach of having a “traditional” cab and a “softer” cab offering. I appreciate the care and handling of the grapes and wonder what the pricing is considering the labor involved? I’ll be monitoring this thread to see the follow-up post you garner.

Currently on sale at K&L for $67/bottle. I’m a fan of TRB and a fan of Tench, so picked up a bottle to give it a try.

My notes for the 2014, openedDec 2018:

Beautiful dark purple color. Dark red fruit, cherry and plum. Well balanced, and good mouthfeel, but still a little tighter than I hoped, lacking a bit on the finish. I popped and poured, probably a mistake, better with decanting, this is a well made wine.

Thanks for the notes Mike. Just looked and K&L has dropped the price to $50.

Thanks for the alert onto these wines, all, been looking at Tench and other more special or unique valley floor wines and jumped on a few of these from K&L. It’s the 2015 that K&L has now for $49. I am building a split personality when it comes to cab these days - Santa Cruz mountains for contemplating, and Napa and TRB for less brain and much joy.

Thanks for the heads up. Just bought 2 for 1. Never had before but the price is worth it

2 for 1 here, thx for the heads up!

Where’s 2 for 1 available?

Nick, K&L had the 2015 marked down to half price, they’re sold out now.