Post Oregon Chardonnay Celebration 2010 Tasting

What’s the drinking window like for Oregon Chard? I am sitting on a single bottle of the 2010 Evening Land La Source. Is it time to pull the cork on it?

I think this depends at least some on the producer. On the other hand, very few of the wines we tried tasted tired. I think that Evening Land has a ways to go yet.

I agree with Rick. That La Source was tight. I’d hold at least a couple years.

Ron-I think you’ll have to settle for 2013 or 2014. :wink:

I’m not sure how many bottles of 2012 Richard’s hit the library, but it was only a few. Rick cleaned me out.

I’m finally getting around to posting my notes:

Flight #1: The Stoller was my favorite, with the Belle Pente being second. The Adelsheim had a bit too much oak for me, which is why it came in 3rd.

Flight #2: I think Rick captured this flight correctly when he said the first wine was like “The bad old days of Oregon Chardonnay”. Nothing was great in this flight to me, and the Anderson Family won by not being funky (which I thought the Matello was, even though it opened up a blew off that funk towards the end) and not being too oaky (which the Brittan was).

Flight #3: The Carabella was my favorite of this flight, and it was the first wine of the day that gave me full images instead of singular notes (think field of flowers instead of a single flower). The Winderlea came in second for me, with the DDO in 3rd and the Brickhouse in 4th. I wasn’t getting much from the Brickhouse, and there was a funk on the finish I didn’t like much. Overall, this was a really good flight.

Flight #4: The best flight of the day. The Arterberry-Maresh was my favorite , with Crowley 4 Winds being 2nd, the Longplay in 3rd, and the Crowley Maresh in 4th. I thought the Longplay had a really silky texture to it. The Crowley Maresh had a lemon cocktail with a creamy foam thing going, which is why it ended up being last in this flight. That being said, it would’ve taken 1st in quite a few other flights.

Flight #5: I called the Copain as the ringer after tasting it. It had a stale charcoal thing going that really was not enjoyable, and was very distinct from everything else of the day. My favorite of this flight was the Longplay, followed by the Evening Land.

Flight #6: The 2nd best flight of the day, with the Cameron being my favorite, followed by the Eyrie and then the Ayoub. I’m a bit disappointed in the showing by the Ayoub, as I brought that bottle, and was hoping for a better result. Being in a flight with 2 of the best wines of the day didn’t do it any favors. It was showing some oak on the finish, which is why it ended up being 3rd for me, but again, it could’ve won some of the other flights. I think Vincent nailed the Eyrie on the head, when he said it lacked concentration, which is why it came in second for me.

My top wines of the day, in no particular order: Arterberry-Maresh, Crowley, Carabella, and Cameron. When both the A-M and Cameron are roughly $65 wines, I’m certainly going to make a point to purchase more Crowley (I was already a fan, and at $40ish is certainly a bargain) and keep my eye out for Carabella. I also thought Longplay had a great showing, and will keep Todd in mind the next time we go out tasting.

Thanks to Paul for organizing, and Marcus for hosting such a great event, and thanks to everybody else who attended for sharing their thoughts about the wines.