Post-Maria's Supper

Tonight we had the bottle of Swedish Glögg that we got from the Luceros this afternoon. It was quite good, neither as sweet nor as spicy as the version I used to make many years ago. The recipe on the bottle was:

1.5 l bottle dry red wine
1.5 l bottle of port
750ml bottle of brandy
10" cinnamon stick
15 cracked cardamom pods
25 whole cloves
1 whole orange peel
1/2 cup dark raisins
1 cup blanched almonds
2 cups sugar

heat wine and port; tie spices & orange peel in cheesecloth, and place in wine

heat 1/2 of brandy in a separate pan with the sugar, until the sugar dissolves and slightly carmelizes, and add to wine

add remaining ingredients to wine mixture (orange peel, raisins, almond, and remaining brandy

simmer for 1 - 2 hours, remove spice bag, and serve (or bottle).

The recipe isn’t that much different from the one I used to use, but this was much smoother than I remember.

It was very enjoyable, sipping on the glögg and watching various TiVo’d programs. We each got three glasses from the bottle.

Tonight, with no more snow yet, we had Morbier and St. André cheeses with Whole Foods Deluxw Mixed Nuts and Pistachios and a tasty 2001 Ch. Climens Barsac - medium yellow-gold in color; cork barely touched; rich nose and flavors of white and yellow fruis; balanced mid-palateog with adequate acidity, rich, spicy fruit; and a long rich, complex finish.

This made a nice combination of flavors while watching HD-DVDs of four cooking shows by our late friend Peter Ryter. He made a group of shows and was about to get a network contract when he dropped dead on the tennis court of a surprise heart attack. We were fortunate to visit him and Myrna in Anderson SC a year or so before he died.

Tonight after driving home from Maria’s in still falling snow, we relaxed for a couple hours; and then had two each of three Good Wive’s pastries, shrimp & dill, lobster newburg, and crab, with a lovely 2002 Dom. de Puligny-Montrachet Meursault ‘Les Perrieries’ - light gold in color; rich, complex white fruit in nose and flavors; rich mid=plate of good bracing acidity and rich fruit; and a long complex fruit finish. It was very enjoyable with the pastries and a few TiVo’d shows. The snow had stopped by early evening, with about four inches new snow total.

Tonight after an enjoyable lunch at Maria’s while we were watching the Winter Olympics, we had spicy salame & mozzarella roll, prosciuotto & mozzarella roll, Fra Mani Salame Gentile, and Fra Mani Spicy Salame with a 1998 Col d’Orcia Rosso degli Spezieri IGT Toscana - initially a bit closed, but opening to rich dark and red cherry fruit, minimal acidity, and a nice cherry finish. I suspect the wine had a bit of merlot in it, but that didn’t detract from our enjoyment.

Tonight after our lunch at Maria’s, while watching last night’s Winter Olympics (via TiVo, since we were at Wine Geek’s last night) we had Ciao Bella Gelato sundaes, small scoops of vanilla, hazelnut, & chocolate topped with creamy caramel and rich dark chocolate sauces. We didn’t have any more to drink, except San Pellegrino.

Last night after Maria’s lunch (with no more Winter Olympics), we had prosciutto & mozzarella roll slices, pizza-seasoned salame & mozzarella roll slices, Lucque & Picholine olives; with a 2000 Luna Canto Reserve, a blend of Sangiovese, Merlot, Cab Franc, Syrah, & Cab Sauvignon. The usual herbal characteristics of the wine were mitigated by the olives, the rich red and dark fruit shown through. All was enjoyable while catching up on old (1958) Maverick re-runs (via TiVo).

Last night after a delightful lunch at Maria’s on a nice Spring-like day, we enjoyed three gelati, small scoops of Tahitian Vanilla, Hazelnut, & Chocolate with Meyer’s Rum poured over. It was very good while watching a variety of TiVo’d shows.

Tonight after a early Monday at Maria’s with good friends, we had a Tuscan Chicken Soup for supper. The soup was cannelini beans, tomatoes, celery, onion, garlic, & chicken, in rich chicken stock. This was enjoyed with a Cal "Super’-Tuscan, a 2000 Luna Sangiovese (2% Merlot) - good ruby color. some sediment on the side of the bottle; bright cherry nose and flavors (not bothered by the small amount of merlot); balanced mid-palate, and a medium cherry fruit finish. This was a good completion to our enjoyable lunch.

After today’s enjoyable lunch at Maria’s, this evening we decided to have, while watching various TiVo’d shows, Brie de Meaux, Affinois Goat Brie, Drunken Goat, & St.André cheeses with deluxe mixed nuts and TJ’s Jumbo Raisin Medley with a 1997 Karly Zinfandel Amador County ‘Sadie Upton’ - cork barely stained a quarter inch; dark ruby color; rich berry fruit; balanced mid-palate; and a medium-long berry finish. It was a much better wine than it was a few years ago.

Last night after a delightful lunch at Maria’s, we decided to have the Goose Rillettes that we got from Jeff Pfohl’s Gourmet Delights along with a 2001 Vieux Telegraphe Chateauneuf-du-Pape - cork stained about a quarter of its length; deep ruby in color; rich, complex, spicy dark fruit in nose & flavors; adequate acidity, rich fruit, and soft tannins in the mid-palate; with a medium long complex dark fruit finish. The goose rillettes were a little fattier than the duck rillettes we had a couple weeks ago, but they definitely needed more goose fat to make them moist enough, especially spread on sliced baguette. By themselves the rillettes were almost moist enough; on the baguette they were somewhat dry. The VT was very good with the flavors of the rillettes.

Last night after sunset. and after the filling lunch at Maria’s, we had a light dessert - TJ’s chocolate bars (milk for Carollee, 72% Cocoa Dark for me) with a tasty 2007 Susana Balbo ‘Virtuoso’ Late-Harvest Mendoza Malbec. It was very good (as usual) with the rich chocolate.

Tonight after a filling lunch at Maria’s, we had slices of spicy salame and mozzarella roll, thin slices of Fra’ Mani salame sticks. both spicy and gentile, stuffed cucumber slices, radishes, and the cucumber ends. This all was enjoyed with a 1992 Ridge Dusi Ranch Zinfandel - rich berry fruit, barely adequate acidity, resolved tannins, and a medium long berry fruit finish.

Very nice! Keep on enjoying the good life! [welldone.gif] Have a Lisa Burger for me next time!


Last night after Maria’s lunch, while watching a variety of TiVo’d shows, we enjoyed scoops of Ciao Bella Pistachio and Belgian Chocolate Gelati on a half a Chocolate Maven brownie each. Very tasty.

Tonight after lunch at Maria’s, while watching various TiVo’d shows, we enjoyed our usual TJ’s chocolate bars (72% Cocoa Dark for me and Milk for Carollee) with a 2008 ‘Virtuoso’ Late-Harvest Mendoza Malbec.

Do you have a private table at Maria’s reserved just for you? Do they have a wine list?

We usually reserve the second table in on the left against the outside wall. It’s a four-top. I never remember the table number, but Carollee and the hostess know.

They do have a wine list. It has a lot of Cal Cabs on it, since that’s Al’s favorite wine, by a large margin. In their old home, they had two cellars. The cab cellar was over twice the size of the “other than cab cellar”.

But with lunches there, we prefer to drink Margaritas.

Last night after lunch at Maria’s, we had a crisp, but light in flavor, Fuji apple with a couple glasses of “la Vielle Prune” plum brandy.

Last night, while watching re-runs of NCIS and Maverick, we had the end of our last mozzarella rolls with prosciutto and spicy salame and thin slices of pepperoni. These were very much enjoyed with a nice 1994 Ridge Dusi Ranch Zinfandel - bright berry fruit, adequate acidity, and a medium long berry finish. A nice finish to the day.

Last night about 6:30pm, we decided to have cheeses, nuts, raisins, and an old Zin after our lunch at Maria’s. We had Chaumes, St. André, and Affinois Goat Brie with TJ’s Jumbo Raisin Medley and WF Deluxe Mixed Nuts. Wine was a 1986 Ridge Napa Zinfandel ‘Park-Muscatine’ (76% Zin, 14% Petite Sirah, 10% Carignane in a field blend) - rich berry fruit, barely adequate acidity, fully resolved tannins, with a medium long berry fruit finish.