Port Hunter: 77 DOW and Fonseca

Aabalat sent an email blast of normally overly expensive stuff, but their port prices are usually great. These are substantially lower than WS.

1977 DOW Vintage Port - 10 avail at $75ea
1977 Fonseca Vintage Port - 12 avail at $135ea

Enjoy (will post on ebob later. head-start for the old guard [dance-clap.gif] ).

Very good prices on both, especially the Dow’s.

I’ve had marvelous bottles of each of these, the Fonseca besting the Dow’s by a little bit. however, as much as I love these particular bottles and Port in general, I always prefer to be honest when it comes to bottle variation. As I stated, with good bottles, both of these are wonderful Vintage Ports. In my experience, the Fonseca has a lot of bottle variation, from just average to outstanding…it seems to run about a 50/50 chance of getting one or the other and why I won’t buy anymore. The Dow’s has a high incident of being corked. Not as much as another infamous bottle of VP, but this is another one I have now stopped buying as a result.

I only mention this as a caveat emptor.

77 Dow…one of my wedding wines…had to drink something good from my birth year. Opened it and dbl decanted 12 hours in advance that morning.