Porchetta Pairing?

It was part of their Whole Hog Butchery class I took years ago and it is awesome. Thanks for the heads up on the recipe being online.

The recipe isn’t complicated. The challenge is finding a source for a good-sized section of a pork middle with back fat and skin still intact. Because you’ve got to bone out, stuff, and roll that thing tight, you can’t do a small one. I’m guessing you need a third of a middle at least. It would be hard to work with and wouldn’t roast properly if you tried a smaller section.

I have a boneless pork leg with fat and skin and found a recipe for using that for porchetta. I hope it works well because it is a more manageable sized and readily available cut.

Took your idea and made this sandwich, paired it with an Alsace and a Michigan Gewurztraminer. Liked the Michigan with the sandwich and the Alsatian with the pork alone. Still, neither was that great of a mach, should have went with Sangiovese.

Riesling and pork are friends

This Crispy Porchetta with Asado Demi-glace & Calamansi Peel Confit was nice enough with 1997 Domaine Couly-Dutheil Chinon Clos de l’Echo (magnum) a little over a week ago.