Poor Restaurant Names

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Nice +. My office is not too far from “Big Wong”. See it quite often but have never stopped in…maybe I’ve been a little “intimidated”. [tease.gif]

Hung Far Low is right here in Stumptown. I liked this one.

Hilarious. Chocolate Log, Golden Stool and Poon Palace sound intriguing.

Just saw Poo Ping! [rofl.gif]

I took this one just last Saturday in Tillamook, OR.

Poor name? I’d love to eat there. Bet the food is great.

I have. And it is.

There are many and diverse uses of Poon in Thai restaurants here in LA. I always wanted to see Phuket Poon Palace…

This one might be funny to certain spanish speakers:

The phonetic speliing of Pho, “fo”, matches the spanish equivalent of “pe-yew” (as in something stinky). “Bolsa”, in vulgar colloquial spanish, can refer to the nutsack of the human male. Put 'em together and you get the gist.

Sarah, Do tell … I need to know all about this joint.

Where is it?
What’s the specialty?
Wine list?
Ambiance and decor?

A place with a name like this must be shared!

There’s a Golden River in SF. Unfortunately it was the only thing open at 1am in that part of town so needless to say… the meal was horrible.