Pontet Canet - 05 vs. 08

Anyone have firsthand knowledge in comparing these two vintages? Obviously, I don’t as I won’t get a chance to taste the 08’s for a couple of more years. If the 08 is really better than the 05, then it will be spectacular!

I don’t have my notes in front of me to compare, except to say in general—05 is far more structured with “old bones” stuffing. The 08 is a wine lover’s vintage–lush, inviting, approachable, hedonistic, lovable. In 30 years, the 05 will be remembered; the 08 will be tired. But in the shorter term, give me the 08!

Later on, I’ll look for my notes.

I had one bottle of the 05 and it was tighter than a nuns ass. But I hear it’s good.

I don’t believe that’s the correct usage.

I was surprised by Parker’s note that the 08 will outlive us all. My understanding was more in sync with the sentiments here – the 08 is hedonistic while the 05 has the stuffing to last ages. I am still on the fence about paying the asking price for the 08 – I may do it to keep up my vertical, but I’d do it grudgingly.

I haven’t tasted them yet, but going on the reviews, I think the 06 PC may be a sleeper to consider among these choices. Anyone had it?

I have 2 cases of the 05 and will not buy the 08 so I guess I am looking at a tight assed nunnery in my future.

Hi Chris. I finally made it on W.B. We talked in Dallas about the 05 Pontet Canet at Denny’s. While it was tigher than (what Denny says) having had the wine 2 days after being opened I am convinced, as I told you in Dallas, it should be a most remarkable wine in 10-15 yrs and last decades beyond that. And as I posted on another wine site it took two days for the wine to really open and for me to “get it”…it is a wine of great depth, precision of flavors, very clean and focused with tremendous purity.

I know nothing about the 08’ except the reviews but I am thrilled I have a reasonable amount of the 05’ [cheers.gif]


Many thanks for you impressions. I’ve had the 05 recently and felt it was a rock star in the making. I actually felt there was something special about it from my first taste which was after a few hours in the decanter. It’s on deck to try again here shortly. Personally, I think RP underrated it. I think he was hesitant to lay a huge score on a wine with a historical 5th growth pedigree, but that’s just my theory and it really doesn’t matter. Come on back to Dallas soon!

Wilfred - Thanks for your impression and that is what I was looking for - someone who had actually tasted the 08 to see how it compared to the 05 since I know how that one performs.


Hey Phil…I cannot believe TxP gave you that pic…he is in soooooooo much trouble!! In my defense, I had harldy slept the previous two nights and was up at 2AM the morning I flew the Dallas. Ok, Ok, the wine contributed I am sure but seriously I was dead tired. Hope all is well with you.

Chris, I think you are right about Parker not wanting to give a fifth growth such a high While I am not a “rating person” I honestly feel the P.C. has the potential to be a 96-98 points. Btw, I found another TN I had written but not posted:

nose showing much more dirt leather and fruit. very clean fresh taste of red berries and strawberries with sweet focused fruit on the finished with a touch of dirt and licorice…going to be a GREAT wine.

Anyone had the 05’ Chateau Malescot or the Troplong Mondot yet???

Have had both, and both are worth the hype.

Invite Faryan here, I think he has btls of his 2008s already. [dance2.gif]

Bill, thanks for the info on the Malescot and Mondot. TxP and I bought both wines but I haven’t opened one yet. BTW, you brought the Maybach right?? Just got on the list and Chris M is letting me buy the 06!!! Super, super nice guy and a remarkably balanced yet concentrated wine. I liked the Cora cab as well.

Phil, you’re burg was the nose of perhaps the 3 day wine-fest and among the best overall wines of my trip;bowdown

As TxP will say, I can take teasing better than most so have at it [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

I’d bet his coffee table it a full barrel.

I brought the Corra and Philip brought the Maybach. Speaking of how good a guy Chris is…he sent me a Maybach Vineyards T-Shirt today after I mentioned wanting one a couple of months back. Super nice folks.

Not to get too far afield, but the Troplong was among my WOTN at the UGC tasting back in January. Along with the Angelus, PC and Beau Sejour Becot.

Sorry Phillip, I thought Bill brought the Maybach. For whatever reason, Chris Maybach e-mailed me and said I could buy the 06’ though when I signed up it said the list was closed…I guess he liked that I said it was concentrated yet remarkably balanced. In any event, I have placed my order and will get it next week!! Me happy!!!

That 66 Chambertin Clos de Beze was indeed AMAZING!!! I’ve had several older burgs that too were just amazing. Last summer I had a 1990 Leroy Vosne-Romanee that sadly did not perform to everyone’s expectations; the fruit was just not there. Oh well…it happens [shrug.gif]

Must have been more than 2oz that night [rofl.gif]