Ponsot - Yellow Dot

Got this 2010 Clos de Vougeot today.
20160719_135357 (800x600).jpg
My first Yellow Dot.
It will turn orange, if exposed to heat…
Does anybody know the numbers ? What heat, and for how long ?

Btw. I think it’s a great idea (if it works). Any other producers doing this ?

Kind regards, Soren.

It doesn’t work. I left an empty bottle out in 30C heat for a week and it was still yellow.

From a thread five years ago:

A friend of mine received a bottle a couple of years back where the dot had changed during shipping. So, not a total sham but clearly quite unreliable.


He, Ponsot, had an older version, colored white, that didn’t work at all.
And now the “new invented” Yellow…

Thanks for clearing that party trick.


It’s a great idea, and I’ve seen similar things employed by other wineries - and by breweries.

If it works, it’s a great ‘signal’, but if it’s inconsistent, why bother at all :wink:

I used to boil off the labels for saving. The dot did change color when it was boiling. It changed back over time in my label book.

You can fix a damaged bottle, by repainting the dot.
A rubber mallet works for pounding down its protruded cork, too.

re the white one, I baked an empty Ponsot bottle w such a dot at 350 degrees for an hour and it remained white–didn’t change at all.

I am a little amazed/puzzled about Ponsot choosing these heat-alarms, -when they obviously doesn’t work, regarding wine safety.
It’s like they didn’t test them, before applying them.
And as Loren wrote, they can even change back to yellow, after a while.

We live in 2016, and can’t produce this little simple chemical gadget !
Inventors wake up. There is money to be made here ! (And change the dot to a star, or a logo, so it’s harder to re-paint if color has changed, and coat it with natural resin.)

Regards, Soren.

Put a piece of high quality chocolate in each case.
If it gets gray or is melted, the wine was cooked.
That simple…:wink:

I found this sticker. It’s not in the easiest form to fit on a wine label, but the technology is present.
For a wine, the 20C / 68F sticker, seems just right, -or the 25C / 77F maybe. Note the time of exposure is also included.

This company also makes temp. control labels for Medical use. (Blood temperature, during transport)
It must be a serious product, if they supply the medical industry. Sadly only 2 years shelf life… No good for long time storing.

It’s more complicated than I just thought.


Maybe something pops out after several hours of heat, like those “done” indicators on a Thanksgiving turkey.

I worked with a company for some time that tried to develop a tool like this. It´s not trivial. To say the least.


I find that the corks pop up a bit when the wine is sufficiently cooked. Voila!

I, too, baked an empty magnum of Ponsot Mont Luisants Blanc that tasted awfully cooked to a group of us. Indeed, the dot didn’t change after over an hour in the 250F+ oven.


Making that bottle a turkey!