Pommard vs Volnay

Not at the same time, but in reasonable temporal proximity from the usual suspects around here (VVW and Beltramos). I asked Victor why he wasn’t pouring more than one Pommard from Rossignol, and he says nobody asks for Pommard and nobody buys it, so what can you do?

Yes, and having a great time.
I met with Nicolas because some of the best producers in the Volnay/Pommard region described him as a “rising star”. FWIW, his current oak regime is <20% new and he is thought to be quite diligent. I was very impressed with his 2010s across the board.

FWIW, Nicolas believes that Volnay Fremiets is more “Pommardish” and Pommard Fremiets is more Volnay-like. I haven’t had a chance to really taste test that theory but it sounds like fun.

I ask again, Kevin, what is a “rising star” producer?

I wonder whether the disconnect is arising from where you taste the wines. The stuff in the bottles here in NYC isn’t that great, and I often see Rossignol in bargain / bin end type situations. Who brings them in to NY? Maybe the bottles are getting treated roughly on the trip. Seems like there’s a big advantage to tasting these wines with the man himself.

yes–I like Courcel too

but give me a Lafarge Volnay and I’m pretty happy

I must admit I have disliked early vintages of the Rossignol wines greatly, but I’ve heard plenty of good things about recent wines.

I’ve not bought any N. Rossignol wines, tasted at store tastings but didn’t see value, but surprised a Armand Epeneaux fan would find them overextracted and overoaked.

The Volnays actually, the single Pommard they poured was fine, but not a work of genius.

I didn’t get to try the range that Nick did, but I did taste a couple of the 2009 Rossignol wines a few months ago (Pommard Fremiers and Volnay Cailleret). I quite liked them, thought they were definitely large framed, brooding versions, the Pommard being more rustic of the two. Both were bested by the 2009 Volnay “Les Santenots du Milieu” tasted at the same time, but that wine is also considerably higher priced. At any rate, I did take the plunge on some Rossignol wines in 2010.

Nicolas is a “rising star”, IMO, for the following reasons:
-He (and his extended family) have great holdings in vineyards I am interested in.
-He has the respect (for his vineyard work and terroir driven style) from some of the most respected vignerons in the area.
-Some of the most trusted Burgundy palates I know are high on his recent wines.
-I have tasted many of the 2010s and found them all excellent.
-I drank his 2009 Volnay AC for lunch today with Etienne de Montille (no lover of oak or extraction) and we both thought that it was outstanding

I can’t speak to your question on shipping. That is always a possibility. Meanwhile, I do know that Nicolas’ style has evolved with less oak and extraction compared to his older efforts. For reasons like that, I would caution against forming a firm opinion about any producer from a single bottle, a single vintage or even a single day of tasting. Pinot is very fickle and many bottlings vary in how the show especially when young.

Funny, the Volnay Fremiets I’ve had have always seemed more accessible, feminine and much less rustic than my experiences with most 1er Pommard. To my palate, even less so than vineyards such as Champans.

Thanks for the map. It hadn’t occurred to me that Jarollieres was so cheek-and-jowls with Chanlins and Rugiens-bas.