Pollo alla MODENESE

Most of you know already what to cook in the coming days, but if you need inspiration for something easy, cheap and delicious. Here we go………


500-600g chicken pieces (your choice!)
2 onions (Tropea)
2 red pepper (organic)
100ml Aceto balsamico
1 sprig rosemary
20-30g butter
olive oil
dash water


  1. Chopp the onions and pepper in thick stripes. Put salt&pepper to the chicken.

  1. Coat the chicken breasts in flour, but not too much

  1. Sauté the chicken breasts in butter and olive oil until nicely brown on one side. Turn the side.

  1. Add stripes of onions and pepper

  1. Now add Aceto Balsamico, rosemary and a dash of water. Add a lid.

  1. Let it cook for 20-25min on low heat with lid (!).

  1. Serve with a good baquette or bread.



you may wonder why I use chicken breast without skin?!

In contrast to other nations Germany favors chicken breast without skin, so it is cheap and widely available. Of course not the best cut. Normally I would use french guineafowl supreme cut with skin, as it has more flavor than chicken and the cut is with bone, so it doesn’t dry out easily. But I had no time to buy it in my special shop, so I bought cheap chicken breast in the supermarket around the corner.

I drank a lovely aged 2011 „Kestener Herrenberg“ Pinot Noir from the Mosel region by the estate Günther Steinmetz with it.

Thank you for the inspiration! I made this last night, doubled the amount of chicken to have some leftovers and also sliced chicken lengthwise into thinner cutlets first. Added a bit more water to build up the braising liquid. After simmering, removed chicken and vegetables and reduced sauce some to thicken and concentrate the flavors. Still plenty of sauce for 2x the chicken. Thanks again!!

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Chicken breast without skin is also the norm in the US. While this is fine for some purposes, for many recipes I prefer to buy whole chickens and remove the breasts for cooking with the skin on. Depending on the recipe I may also use the remaining parts or may reserve the wings and leg quarters for other purposes, and the remaining carcass for stock. While I prefer a chicken breast with a crisp skin, I do find that in many braised dishes like this the skin only becomes wet and soggy anyway, so the only advantage to the skin is using the schmaltz and a better fond for the sauce.