Poll: Which is your preferred drinking environment?

Which best describes your preferred drinking environment?

  • Sharing a single bottle over a quiet evening with a friend or loved one
  • 3-4 bottles at a small get together with some wine buddies
  • 7-15 bottles over a long evening with a dozen or so wine nuts
  • 25+ bottles at an excessibe tasting with a small army of oenophiles
  • I enjoy partaking in all of the above

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Choose wisely. [berserker.gif]

What, no “in my car, parked outside of my ex-girlfirend’s condo” option?

A primarily nitrogen/oxygen mix, with some other trace gasses.

In an enoteca, sampling wines by the glass, alongside some small plates of tasty food.

I’m very much finding the big events don’t do it for me, and especially for the pace the bottles get opened at. Too many glasses to drink and hence I notice and enjoy the wine much less.

For an ‘educational tasting’ I’d definitely lean towards 6-8 people (and a similar amount of bottles), with just some palate cleansing bread / crackers / grissini + water initially, with the last 1/3 to 1/2 of the bottles polished off with some hearty food. Maybe with another bottle or two put on the table if it’s a thirsty bunch.

All of the above.

Flawed poll. “A dozen or so wine nuts” are NEVER going to limit themselves to 7-15 bottles.

That was awesome. Laughing my ass off out loud here.

I prefer my drinks in a glass

This doesn’t suck (although the flutes did)

Is that Alain Robert bubbles?

That’s pretty insensitive of you. Chris was serious.

Pretty sure it was Jacques Picard.

Kinky dude, who is the “third” glass for?!?!

“Surely you can’t be serious”

Don’t call me Shirley.

[wow.gif] flirtysmile champagne.gif

Good call. I never understood how groups can drink above 1 bottle/person. I mean, sure, it’s not too difficult to hit that level, but any taster is going to have a completely shot palate after consuming the equivalent of 750 mls of table wine. I sure would hate to be opening anything of value at that point.

My son, you dirty old man.

Major flaw…how about 6-8 bottles with 3-4 wine buddies…next option would be 3-4 bottles with the wife and kids.

Home option is the most common occurrence but offlines with vinous friends has its place albeit its only twice a month.