Poll: separate TN from Wine Talk?

IMHO all the TN threads are very different from general discussion/questions in Wine Talk. They’re very specific to one wine, and generally they don’t lead to extensive discussion like more broad topics do. It’s not very common to have more than a handful of replies. Also as a side note, they are a bit hard to find at the moment since you can’t search for “Title begins with TN”.

For me it would make much more sense to give them their own home, separate from Wine Talk. Curious if anyone agrees.

  • Get offa my disorganized lawn!!!
  • New TN forum would make sense

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Are there ways to improve search options instead?

Have an easy to apply TN tag?

There’s already one

less forums the better

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This was brought up at the forum’s creation. Few thought it good.

TN’s get less traffic than they probably deserve already. Shunting them into a separate area will just ensure many less people see them that might find use of them or talk about that particular wine.


Now, with tagging (which we didn’t have until recently, and it’s far more powerful and easily searchable here) it’s really not needed anyway. EVERY CT imported thread/tasting note is automatically tagged with the tag ‘tastingnote’ so you can easily see them all if you search by that tag, almost like it’s own category


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I agree with this. I also think they prompt robust conversation more often than may be readily apparent.