Poll: Nice 4 color enamel lapel pin or cheapo round political button style WB identifier.

What Berserker identifying token do you want?

  • The gorgeous four color custom made metal lapel pin that can be worn on clothing, hats, Fezes and whatever else.
  • The cheap four color political button style pin
  • Both - I need the fancy lapel pin when I dress up and the political style button at other times
  • Neither - Why would I want anyone to know that I am part of the world wide WB fraternity?
  • Neither - Your design and plan sucks so I volunteer to take over this entire effort and make the arrangements myself

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Stage Two of the “We need a Berseker lapel pin.” We need a Berserker lapel pin!! - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

I have a jpg file of the Pobega WB graphic - the man on the barrel in the logo above. Two choices under consideration:


A four color enamel lapel pin with a standard military clutch back that may work for the west coasters who would prefer to wear it as an earring. Sorry, it will not work as a nose ring. 1-1/2 inch round metal four color with the graphic in the middle and WineBerserkers around the top and .com at the bottom. Colors TBD but I am leaning towards Burgundy background, black graphic, white as needed to make things stand out, and maybe chardonnay for lettering. Cost is $3.25 each with maybe a bit extra for tax and shipping.

Choice #II

A round political style button with the design printed on the button and a thin plastic film to make it glossy. depending on whether we go with oval or round, it will be max 2-1/2 inches high and 1-1/2 inches wide. Same design and color scheme. Price is about 50 cents. Standard rear clip.

I am trying to get them for BF 1000 in New York on the 29th but that will be difficult.

Did you get fez pricing too?

Stick the pin on the front of the Fez of your choice. If you want to take responsibility for the Fez portion of the project and locate Fezes for everyone, you are welcome to do so.

Oh look, Corey can buy a Fez at Walmart:


I’ll save us both the indignity of having you locate a codpiece for me.

If I understand correctly that version two is something like this, I like 1 better:

Yeah, I’m with David Wright:
“How about a standard die-stamped silver metal version? more discreet/less cartoonish…”

Then vote for “Neither - Your design and plan sucks so I volunteer to take over this entire effort and make the arrangements myself.”

I got my fez at the Liars Club, Corey. http://www.chibarproject.com/Reviews/Liar’sClub/Liar’s.htm

Maybe we can pick one out for you

Love that idea, David.

The sizes listed above are GIGANTIC for lapel pin sizes in my humble opinion. I have a 1/2" pin for my professional category that I feel is already bigger than I want.

I like Joel’s button design.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Agreed - 1 1/2" is HUGE



The above links are some options for detailed pins with good detail at half the size to look at.

Above is a guy that I’ve used before to mint challenge coins and is very good to work with and I can verify that he make anything you can design.

Holy shit, there’s another duck on the forum!?

There is an Owlman flopping around, too. But he likes stems.

Then vote for, “Neither - Your design and plan sucks so I volunteer to take over this entire effort and make the arrangements myself.” I have no problem with that vote. Anyone who wants to take this over, GO AHEAD. However, I have to work for a living and the only variable for me is size, and maybe color, but I think I’ll go with Burgundy to make the AFWEs happy. I am waiting for the mock up to decide on size. I would like it to be smaller than I proposed but it depends on whether the words are readable.

I need bling. Can we zap it up with some diamonds?