Poll: how many btls of V. Dancer would you buy?

How many bottles would you have bought?

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I decided to pick up two bottles (they had five) of 2011 Vincent Dancer Meursault that went on sale at my local Binny’s. I’ve heard great things about this producer, but I’ve never actually had any of his wines before. Was this a good deal? How many bottles would you have bought at that price? Regardless, I’ll pop 'n pour one of these babies in a bit and report back.

I stopped by a combination wine / convenience store in Palo Alto over the weekend while visiting my mother in law. They had 2013 Cakebread chardonnay marked down from $45 to $25.

I bought three - if it had been at home or if I were driving home instead of flying, I might have bought as much as they had. Quite a deal on a lovely wine. We drank one and left two in the MIL’s closet for next time we’re up there.

I’d buy them all! That’s a fantastic wine!!! Had it with George Hejna and bought a 6-pack before I left the state. I paid the $49.99 and happily so.


Try it and see what you think. Reasonable price for a nice village Meursault. The one warning I would give is that many 11s have what I describe as a raw/harshness in their acidity, due to the growing and harvesting conditions. I’m steering clear of 2011 whites.

Holy crap. This is the most unique white Burg I’ve tasted in a long time. The oak is huge but the acidity is so prime it balances perfectly! This is austere and lush at the same time. It’s beeswax, petrol, Vaseline, lemon rind, seashells, guava, and awesome sauce. I can’t remember the last time I tasted something so lush and equally nervy. Consider me a believer! 92+ pts.

Binnys used to have this label in 375s in most of their stores (08, 09 vintages, iirc), which is the size of a white we like to bring to BYOs along with a 750 red. I recall the 08 being VG+ as the others have described, and the 09 a step behind, and never any premox in either vintage thankfully. The Dancer Perrieres is also worth seeking out…maybe at Knightsbridge.

It’s not oak. Shit’s reduced af.

Told ya.

People drink white wine that isn’t Riesling or Vouvray? [shock.gif] Blech! [wink.gif]

Ain’t no premox, baby.


While I agree that this is reduction rather than oak, Dancer is pretty well-known for having a very bad premox record. But the wines are lovely young, and he is a very nice guy, as well as a part-time fireman. The last time I was tasting there he got paged and had to dash off to the fire station.


Here’s a cool video I found that gives some insights on the wines and the man behind them.

I went long the 99s and almost all were brown after ten minutes in the glass. So count me out for now.

I’m a big fan of his wines as well.


Even though it’s not a ‘match’, whatsoever, my celebratory emerged-from-the-sick-bed (bronchitis) meal of Flannery beef and trimmings will be accompanied by a bottle of this wine, as I’ve yet to dig into the 6 bottles I’ve purchased. I’ll just go without wine for the meal, and drink it before and after! (maybe a sip or two with my sautéed spinach)

It’s hard to believe the '11s are already five years old. I’d be curious to know the color on yours. Mine was impeccably light in color and brilliantly energized on the palate.

Same here. Super steely character, but more oily/rich mouthfeel than a Chablis. Great wine. I enjoyed mine while cooking Flannery on the grill, and when eating my spinach, and after the meal was finished, of course.

I tasted Ryan Smith blind on this one. He correctly pegged this as Meursault, believing it to be either an '11 or '13. His second guess would’ve been GC Chablis. Since the wines are holding up so well, I’d save at least a few to drink on their tenth birthday to see how they evolve.

Did you go back and buy any more while they are on sale?

I’m gonna try to swing by tomorrow to scoop up the rest. I hope they’re still there!