Poll: Favorite Wine Region

I think that would be the Texas High Plains AVA with Llano Estacado leading the charge.

Special note to Mike Dildine:

In 1 hour, we have 1/3 of the number of voters that a nearly identical thread had in 27 hours on some other place.


Do you think the separate regions within Germany would garner enough votes? I"m happy to divide it up

No love for Oregon?

Adding it now! Also Washington

God bless you, sir!


It reset ALL the votes!

Okay, folks, no more changes. Now you all have to revote! We had 60 voters.

Anybody who has a region left off the poll, tough.

California is one region? [stirthepothal.gif]

Deal with it - make your own poll.

Every time I add something to the poll, it resets all the votes. We had a nice little number on there, then Eisenhauer whined his way into ruining it!

Woe is me!

I think Dildine is taking the lead. [wink.gif]

Impressive participation Todd! A very good Poll, which is well suited to the limitations of the software (i.e. no more than 20 options).

Any chance of us being able to expand the number of options (to say 100)?

Yes, I can have as many options as I set in the ACP, which is currently set at 20.

I am NOT resetting it again, as we lost 60 votes when I added CA, WA, and FL

Yea - these things are a pain in the a$$. It really helps if the Mod conducts them!

It’s now set at 100

good job, Todd … way to Fail it up! [suicide.gif]

No, it was Eisenhauer! I will blame him!

Currently we have CA and Bordeaux tied.

Those of you who voted for Burgundy better check to see if your votes are still there - if the boxes aren’t checked, your votes are not counting

I’ll be that Florida option gets a bunch of votes. pileon

[rofl.gif] Now you know why I dither!

It’s an acronym - see the poll?