Political Rant from a retailer in MA - Wine Bunker

I received this from a retailer that I and several of my friends frequent for odd bin deals.
It’s the Wine Bunker in Reading, MA. I got incredible deals last yr on Graham Beck Library wines at 25% of retail.

Friday’s (11/2/2012) unemployment report (7.9% UNEMPLOYED) means President Barack Obama will face voters with the highest unemployment rate of any incumbent since Franklin Roosevelt.
The last incumbent president to face a jobless rate as high as 7.8 percent in October of an election year was Gerald Ford in his losing campaign against Jimmy Carter in 1976.


The Presidential Election next Tuesday is probably the most important one in the past 40 years. This vote is about JOBs, JOBs and JOBs. This country cannot afford continued high unemployment or it will be a third world country before we know it!

For the above reasons, Corporate Wines endorses Mitt Romney for President. He has the skills to guide this country out of the mess that we are in!"

I can’t believe this drivel !!! Between my friends and I , we have spent a couple of grand at this store. NEVER AGAIN !!!

I don’t display my political leanings when I walk into a wine store and I certainly don’t want to receive this again.
Avoid this place !!!

Wow, I can’t imagine using a retail business as a platform to proclaim political views. how foolish. I guess they don’t want the business of a lot of MA residents.

Sending emails like that is simply bad business, as well as potentially odious and certainly inappropriate.

Drinking a Graham Beck in South Africa, and yes I voted (absentee ballot). I have no political leanings.

Particularly stupid in MA, where every wino in the state could vote for Romney and it wouldn’t make a difference. Just to play devil’s advocate, I buy the newspaper for the news reporting, but that also comes with editorial endorsements that I may or may not agree with. I still buy the newspaper :wink: Yes, newspapers have a tradition of editorial endorsements, but they are businesses like any other (and many have folded - no pun intended - who knows if political endorsements have any bearing on that).

Great idea! Piss off customers before the holidays!

Not to mention, what sort of retailer would remind customers they’re unemployed.

Drink AFTER blast emails and keep your politics to yourself.

Yeah, like I’ve never seen businesses put up political signs before.

What drives me crazy is that, almost every morning when I’ve come to work for the last two weeks, I had to tear down signs attached to our parking lot light poles by OTHER people.

Seems a little short sighted to me… [shrug.gif]

Are you sure that this was really sent out by Wine Bunker? Conceivably it’s some kind of hacker or spam. Just a suggestion, I have no idea.

Their opinion & they have has much right to share it as people do to call it drivel, bad business etc. They may have plenty of customers who appreciate/agree with the sentiment and forum, and plenty who are indifferent.

In any case, I agree with Ed that it seems a bit strong to stop doing business with them if you were happy with them previously.

Sure they have a right to, but what kind of business model? Chase away customers when there is not need to? I for one would never buy from them after that.

Why is it too strong? People here in the past have noted that they don’t buy from wineries etc for attitude issues. If the OP strongly disagrees with the position of the store owner, why continue to support that person?

Guys - Corporate Wines is a lousy business to begin with. Forget about political leanings, avoid them. Do a search.

Maybe I’m just at the end of my rope with the election/political season, but the idea that an online wine retailer is “endorsing” a Presidential candidate is a bit comical and IMO not worth getting up in arms over. It isn’t as if we were waiting this out with “NYT endorses Obama, WSJ endorses Romney, who is Corporate wines getting behind?”.

I’m not strident politically. I liken this to Posner talking about the Jets knowing full well that Patriots & Steelers fans are reading his e-mails. It just wouldn’t move an “offense” needle for me.

People still watch the NFL on Fox and NBC even though their networks carry some of the most extreme political reporting out there.

Again- I’m likely just jaded and cynical at this point.

Terrible business decision though I agree with the political slant.

I think a business owner has the “right” to express his/her political opinions, and the “right” to alienate customers accordingly. Chik-Fil-A, anyone?


Trump at least SAYS he is a businessman…

And geez, “Corporate Wines” surely ranks up there as one of the worst names for a wine store, ever. Creates an image of a random Bill Lumbergh-esque exec loosening his tie on the weekend through a bottle of Opus he carefully pours into the most phallic of decanters, all while pridefully displaying an almost gleeful look of elitist hubris and pretension derived in no small part from purchasing said wine at Corporate…

I’d take to politicizing the same as I’d take to prosthelytizing - ti wouldn’t bother me if I was on the same page, but I’d probably cut my business way back if I was on a different team

The world is full of people whose political viewpoint varies from your own. You can still do business with these people though if they offer a good range and service and their business values are close to yours.