Pobega Invades Philly- April 22nd

Anyone in one of my favorite cities care to wine & dine with an out-of-towner?

I am in for a day and right back out.

likes: red meat and Cabernet Sauvignon, so, I’m easy.

Early-ish? 5 or 6?

email me…thanks

Gimme a week to get my schedule for April, but I would be down if my schedule looks open. -mJ

I am in same boat as Mark. I would be in if schedule permits.

Sounds great.

Move your trip to the end of March :slight_smile: I’ll be staying in Old City(Hyatt) between March 26th & April 1st. Anything going on that week?

Print on Demand Expo.
I may have trouble with some of those vendors like Xerox, Canon and Heidelberg…