Pliny and protecting the regulars

Bar puts Miller Hi Life tap handle on the Pliny tap and only tell its regulars:

Place I went to (38 degrees) had a stone tap for younger and a racer 5 tap for blind pig.

We didn’t get there, but we know who it was…

I’m probably in the minority, but I don’t have a problem with this.

I have no issue with it either. Nothing wrong with a place taking care of its regular/repeat customers. A lot of us expect our local wine store to cut us in on limited allocations. No reason a tap house should be any different.

Naja’s usually has an “empty” tap or two with some specialty or rarity that they share with those whom they feel deserve it and/or would appreciate it.

I seriously prefer High Life. Not kidding.

Space Wrangler!!

Or put a PtY tap on your Miller keg and charge tourists six bucks

To what ?



Root canal.
Removal of anal polyps.
Being forced to make love to Paula Deen?


I had a long post with my thoughts on this, but I deleted it because I don’t like the way it reads, no matter how I edit it. I can say that I think it is odd to hide the fact that you have a beer, then publicize the fact that you do this by having an article published.







I don’t think so. They are broadcasting that they take care of their regulars and they want you to become one. What’s wrong with that?

Who’s to say that the bar had any control over the story being reported?

Knowing the the place it happened at, I’d guess they didn’t leak it. It’s not their style, but that’s just my own guess.

I agree with Rachel. These guys wouldn’t have made any kind of deal out of it. BTW, this place also got part of the State’s Westvleteren allocation and has said that they would never handle it again because it was such a fiasco.

I dislike the vast majority of DIPAs. And I love RR’s sours.

But I’ve had PtE within 3 weeks of bottle date and it’s just not that great. I also put Heady Topper and the other DIPA ‘whales’ in that category. I guess I’m the AFE of beer? I do love hoppy beers though. As examples I love anything Fremont makes, Deschutes, Jack’s Abby, etc. All pretty hoppy.

I bet, like most trophy wines, if you (not you Bud, but anyone) drank it blind it wouldn’t be as desirable. It’s the label and rarity that drive its popularity, like a lot of things in our culture.

It’s not like it’s red burgundy :wink: