Plinth Wine

Anyone know more about this wine other than what’s on their site? It’s from the Chang’s who started Nine Suns.


I have an email out to Jason, and am waiting to hear back as to who the winemaker is (Lloyd, or perhaps Philippe?), what valley floor sources the fruit comes from, what blocks of Houyi they picked from, price point, etc.

I will share when he gets back to me…


WRT Price, it looks like $555 for a 3 pack of the Cabernet Sauvignon

Any further info to share ?

My wife and I visited Nine Suns back in May. Plinth is Nine Suns’ children’s project. They mix Valley and mountain fruit. I bought a 3-pak of the SB and CS.

Sampled the 2019 Cab our of barrel the other day, and WOW is all I can say. Love the project, the SB though is affectionately nicknamed “house water” by the girlfriend.

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2019 Plinth SB is easily one of the best SB’s I’ve tasted so far!

blarnston, did you ever get any more details on Plinth?

just received an offer for 2021 SB - $90 per bottle. easy pass for me

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Le Conteur Release Now Open

2019 Cabernet Franc Blend
50% Cabernet Franc, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon
Houyi Vineyard, Pritchard Hill
A moderate early spring gave way to an unusually wet May, followed by consistent warmth over the summer months. The seasonal harmony of 2019 provided ideal conditions for harvest dates to be closer to “normal.” And the wines practically boast of their sunkissed abode–vivid with dark fruit and a delicate tension between the fine tannins and acid. We are thrilled to offer this beauty to add to your collections or sachels of life’s enchanting offerings.

Winemaker Notes:
The seductive nose showcases dark fruit of raspberry and ripe cherry, with hints of vanilla from the toasted French oak. With its striking dark color, the mouthfeel is silky and multidimensional, presenting the perfect balance between the smooth texture and delightfully integrated tannins. The complex flavors of blackcurrant, cherry, gunpowder, and lead pencil give the wine extra dimension and make it a classic example of the “Solaire” style, a nod to the grapes basking in the warm sunshine of the Napa Valley.

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Sold out per an email I just received…

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congrats to them