Please tell me how to arrange a helicopter landing at Fait Main Wines

Asking for a friend…

You don’t. You land at Mending Wall and taste W&M with Will.

I am sworn to secrecy about how we did it, but let me just say that landing a helicopter at Fait Main is now a fait accompli.

This is how I did it too. Worked out well.

I thought you took the helicopter to Fait Main but drank W&M in the helicopter on the way?

Lol, funny OP!

This unknown winery - well, unknown to me at least - is getting some great, free marketing?

Berserker Day special? Not that I’m buying $175 Cali Cab…

Berserker Day special = 5% off for every thread you post on it

Which is still about $166 more than most are willing to pay for something they’ve never heard of or tasted.

so, free after 20 threads?