Please don't ship to Southern California 90's temps here

Please don’t ship me any cooked wines.

Okay. And likewise.

Nobody should ship out of SoCal either.

Yeah, yeah, American’s getting my money…whatever.

US Americans?

Despite my plea for no shipping, sure enough I get the package today! [soap.gif] deadhorse

headbang headbang headbang

Wait, are you suggesting that somewhere out there is a winery or wine store that doesn’t read every post you make here? [scratch.gif]

No Ken, I don’t expect that. However I did contact the seller and I got a reply that the wine would not be shipped.

I had prescheduled a shipping date a few weeks in advanced (2 $20 bottles), for a small get-together next week. I realized I should have delayed the shipping and bought something locally but not until it was too late. Been 95+ here the past week and it arrived today from the East Coast, so I’ll see soon if anything was cooked.

Ah, then the seller sucks!!!

Can’t cure stupid. Nice in cool in SD today! [thumbs-up.gif]

Popped 2 bottles last night that I had shipped from East Coast during the previous week’s heat and not a sign of temp damage. [thumbs-up.gif]

I have also asked to not have wine shipped in hot weather, and out the door it went anyways. [swearing.gif]
Another thing that gets under my skin is shipping on Thursday or Friday. [scratch.gif]
Miss the driver and it sits in the warehouse all weekend.

A case arrived this morning. Looks like it was shipped out yesterday from Paso so I’m not going to worry too much.

I never worry about anything that comes overnight…but I do always like to look at the tracking information to see when the package was picked up.

Good… but most young wines won’t show temp damage right away unless it’s egregious.

The question, of course is even if the wine spent 4-5 days at 80F… will it matter in the long run? Or is this really more of a binary thing - either the wines are ruined straight off by getting to a really high temp (and leaking etc) or they’re basically OK with a few days at temps not affecting them noticeably? If a wine is shipped at ~60F in a styro container and never gets above the mid-70s for a few days, i just don’t think it’s going to be harmed. If it gets to 95F for one day, I’d bet it will be ruined.