Planning your visit to Sonoma "County"? This might help.

This is a great idea — I’ll pm you about a few ideas off the beaten path e.g. in Geyserville. Thank you immensely for this! And, all the new AVA’s will be an exciting addition.

Fixed a bunch of formatting that went haywire when Berserkers moved to the new forum. Pulled some closed businesses, need to add a ton more. It’s an easier read but there seems to be missing content. I’ll have to spend some quality time with this on a rainy day.

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Boy, the migration to Discourse left the OP of this thread in disarray. I knew it needed updating but the formatting was a complete mess. I spent some quality hours last night and this morning cleaning it up, fixing placement, heading, text style, images… what a clusterfu¢k. I also pulled a few listings, changed others, added/removed a few wineries, restaurants, breweries, lodgings but have a shit-ton of things to work on. At least it’s a cleaner read today. Now to work in accuracy of listings. :wine_glass:


You have provided great resource. Hope the Sonoma Tourism Board is showing you some love. Thank you for maintaining it.

Goat Rock is amazing!!! Here are some pics I took last time I was there.

Did you happen to get to Armstrong Woods as well? It’s on the way.

Thanks for the amazing itinerary. Many of those winemakers are friends. Next time you’re in town, I hope you’ll consider visiting our west county Sonoma wine tasting room in the Sebastopol Hills.

Here are driving directions to our winery from Goat Rock Beach.

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Wow! Gorgeous photos and always nice to learn about a fantastic winery to visit. Thanks for posting!

Thanks, Eric! Would love to visit your winery next time. I do have a blog about hidden gems in the area, including Armstrong which we went to multiple times –