Planning trip to Bordeaux

Greetings, I am planning a trip to Bordeaux for my wife and I (probably not until sometime in 2010) and I would appreciate any input as to travel agents or other travel organizations to contact, travel websites, time of year to go, and itineraries. Thanks.

I regularly made annual treks to Bordeaux from 1985 until my last trip there in May 2001. I never used a travel agent. You can now use the internet and compare hotels, restaurants and ammenities. The only agent I would use to Bordeaux is a wine lover. There is great mis-information about the quality of rooms and suites. They are for the most part old and not updated. There are a few newer hotels in both the left and right banks since I have been there that I am sure you can find in a Google search. It does help if you speak a little French. The menus are not easy for English only speakers. Pork brains?? Oh, I thought it said pork loin.

I go there as well fairly regularly, was there last in 2007 and will be there again later this year. What Jack said is very accurate. I also never use travel agents since I have several friends there. If you let me know specifically where in Bdx you want to base yourself, I could give you many suggestions from my own knowledge - except for hotels since, when I’m in Bdx, I stay a the château of one of my friends in Margaux.

For hotels, however, I can always ask one of my friends based in Bdx, so no problem. restaurants, sites, wineries, etc., I can tell you myself.


Thanks for the input. I thought it was hard to get tastings at the Chat without getting some introduction or being truly fluent in French. My wife and I have to rely on high school French.

My wife and I traveled to Bdx in July of '05. We were unable to taste at a couple of the Chateau we wanted (Margaux was one) as we were told they were ‘on holiday’ and this is not uncommon in July.

I am heading there in July. Staying at Ch. Cordeillan Bages (in Pauillac near Lynch Bages). I’ve heard very good things. I’ll report back.