Place to get some champagne in SF?

I’ll +1 what Charlie said with Flatiron. When I’m in SF, it’s basically a required stop.

I totally agree with that statement! Thank you for the recommendation on The Morris. I’m planning to get lunch at Zuni for sure but still undecided where else to go.

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Flatiron is who I most often buy from in SF now. (Tricky parking if you don’t know the trick, too.)

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What’s the trick. Love the store but don’t go often because of parking (I live 40 miles away).


If you get to Arlequin, you might want to walk over to Birba, which is a nice little wine bar with some interesting sparkling wines just a few minutes away. Angie, the proprietor, is terrific.

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Thank you for the recommendation! Have you ever been to San Francisco wine & cheese by any chance? I’m kind of torn between the two after seeing Birba, as I’m planning to visit right after eating at Zuni and probably won’t go to both.