Pinot Days

Who is going to Pinot Days and what do you think we can expect to see this year in terms of quality and new wine makers/labels?" onclick=";return false;

I’ll be there pouring my Pinot…so stop by :slight_smile:

New folks? Not sure if Vergari has been at Pinot Days or not, but I had their wines at the last Falltacular and liked them a lot. Spell is new. I don’t think they poured at last year’s pinot days did they? Anyways, they’re a good stop, of course. Coterie is new…they poured barrel samples last year, but get to try their bottled wine this year.

There are a ton of not-new folks that are worth stopping at as well, of course.

I’ll be there pouring for Fess Parker - one of those ‘not so new’ producers. Please stop by and try our 07s, especially our Ashleys (Sta Rita Hills) and our Clone 115 (Sta Rita Hills) . . .


Quality: I assume 07’s will mostly be poured, so quality should be pretty good. It’ll be esp interesting to try folks’ interpretations. 2007 had a pretty long timeframe when you could pick, even despite the couple of small heatwaves that hit. So it’ll be interesting to see what direction everyone went.

I am always hoping i will discover a quaffable $20 or under pinot at pinot days. I find that a much more interesting mission than looking for that one wine that will blow my socks off… although that works too [cheers.gif]

I’ll be there helping Sasha pour at Eno Wines - stop by the table and say hello!

I’ll be there for sure with Traci & Christianne and maybe a couple other folks.

My wife Christian and I will be there.

Diana and I will be there…

Marshall [cheers.gif]

be sure to say hello, looking forward to it just a bit more now.

Late to beserkers…not late to Pinot Days…we will be there!!

Cool! It will be great to see you, and hopefully Cathy too! [cheers.gif]

David…man, they let anyone in there. :wink: Looking forward to trying some of the latest juice. Hey, on that bottle I really liked last year, will you be bringing the other version?




David pays extra fare. We have to increase security, get out the red carpet, etc. It would be easier if Elvis showed up…

I think we will need extra security, Cathy and I are bringing youngest daughter Danielle to help pour so Dad can wander around to ENO and Ketchum et al and generally make a pest of myself.
Danielle turned 21 so she is excited to get to help out and is busy memorizing her Dain Wine tech sheets so she answer questions while I am off stealing extra sips of Copain.
We get more booth traffic when the girls run things anyway :wink:

Ray, will do!

FYI that’s total bullsh!t!!! I am not going through metal detectors set up for Dain’s peeps. It leaves me vulnerable to people reading my mind. [foilhat.gif]

I’ll have the 08 pink pinot grigio under the table if you mention you’re a berserker. Stop by.

I’ll be there - I’ve volunteered to help again. Nice to see Varner have signed up this year; they aren’t part of the SCMWA so haven’t been at any of the other tastings I’ve been to.

Hmmm…that’s a good point actually. Last time our group had to go through the metal detectors it delayed our set up for an hour while everyone removed their metal studs and body piercings…really ticked Cathy off.
And I have body art I don’t show just all the time…too personal [shock.gif]

Will be by for pinot grigio!!!