Pinot Days SF - Who's Going?

Anyone going to the Grand Tasting on Sunday, June 27th or any of the other events leading up to it? I’ll be taking part in the seminar entitled ‘In Trivial Pursuit of Pinot Noir’ on Saturday along with Michael Browne, Richard Sanford, Greg LaFollette and a number of others, and then pouring on Sunday for Fess Parker.

If you do make it, please stop by and say hi!


I’ll be pouring at the Grand Tasting on Sunday for Eno Wines - come by the table and say hi!

I’ll be poring as well at the Inman Family table.

Larry - hopefully we can finally meet in person!

Perhaps an offline on Sat prior to or Sun after?!?!? I started a thread in the offline planner but figured I’d prod here as well [cheers.gif]

Larry - PM sent!

grand tasting

Grand Tasting [cheers.gif]

I’m gonna try to kill Adam Lee (alcohol poisoning,) on the Friday evening after the Siduri tasting. [drinks.gif] [barf.gif]

Somewhere along the Marina.

Any tastings notes on Halleck and Skewis will be appreciated!

Please provide details when possible (-:


Bumping this up to make sure all who can make it will be there! Should be a wonderful weekend of events, including a Trade Tasting on Friday, Seminars all day (and night) Saturday (I’ll be taking part in the ‘In Trivial Pursuit of Pinot’ one featuring Richard Sanford and Michael Browne), and the Grand Tasting on Sunday afternoon.

Come on down (or up) and say hi.


Great event - again! Wonderful food, great selection of wines, and I think it worked great to separate the trade tasting to a separate day altogether.

Waiting to hear what others thought of the event . . .


indeed great event as always. nice to see old friends, make new ones, and taste some pinot!