Pinot Days (Los Angeles) Discount for Berserkers

I know most of the LA area folks who are going to Pinot Days have already purchased tickets, but for those who have not, I’ve secured a discount for Berserkers.

The 10% discount code for the Saturday events (not to the dinner pairings) for WineBerserkers members is BERSERKSC11

I plan to be sure that next year we have more time ahead of the event so we can arrange for a discount again, and perhaps some fun cross-promotion!" onclick=";return false;

“Pinot Days Southern California (” onclick=“;return false;) will return to Barker Hangar on January 15th and we hope you will be there. Pinot Days features serious wines and serious fun: More than 90 wineries will pour over 300 wines and the winemakers will share their stories. Although the wines are highly acclaimed and sophisticated, Pinot Days is not a wine-word slinging, ascot-wearing wine tasting event; rather, it is decidedly fun. The winemakers are inviting and animated. (No doubt some of them, having spent the early hours amid the grapes, will show up with a little vineyard dirt on their jeans.) The high quality and vast diversity of these wines, coupled with the passion and accessibility of the producers, make Pinot Days a very unique, invigorating wine tasting experience that will make an ardent pinotphile of you if you are not one already. So step into that casual So Cal style and join us for a wonderful day of exquisite, hand-crafted wines and enchanting pinot people. Last year’s inaugural event was a sell out; the Los Angeles crowd fell for pinot and its producers, and we anticipate an even greater showing this year. For tickets, go to” onclick=";return false;. "

It pays to have friends in high places! [thankyou.gif]

Just wear your damn Berserkers shirt or I’ll have security escort you out!