Pilgrimage to geek mecca

I finally made it to Bern’s Steakhouse to see what all the hype was about. I loved the old school steakhouse vibe of the place. I was excited to see what they had on their Burgundy list. I wanted something with some age a little off the beaten path. When I pointed out something that looked interesting to the waiter (1980 Savigny) his generic response of “it’ll be a little dry” made me start to question his knowledge. Then he pronounced Vosne like the word looks made me convinced he didn’t have much Burgundy experience. He was a younger waiter and I thought ok I’ll find something myself. For my price range I thought I found something interesting 1995 NSG Clos de la Marechale, Jacques-Frederic Mugnier. I was excited for the choice and then he brought out the bottle and it was a Domaine Faiveley. I said that isn’t the bottle I ordered showing him the menu. He looked at it and said something like well sometimes they put a different name on the bottle then what it is??? I said no clearly that is Domaine Faiveley which is a perfectly good producer but I ordered the Mugnier. He just stood there staring at me to see if I would flinch or something. I think he was thinking that 90% people back down and say ok whatever. So after some uncomfortable amount of time where I think he should have said well let me look into this and see what the issue is, I noticed the Monopole name on the bottle and thought ok something is up. So I did accept the bottle and he decanted it with out asking if I want it decanted. The wine was very good still very primary and went great with my rack of lamb that was perfect. Just a little disappointing after all the hype that the waiter didn’t know anything about Burgundy and didn’t ask anybody for help. So later I looked up the bottle and yes Faiveley sold Mugnier the vineyard in 2001 and they had the Mugnier 06, and 07 for cheaper which I would’ve ordered knowing that was the case. Overall I really enjoyed the experience touring the kitchen and cellar and going up to the dessert room for some '70 Warre’s Port but a little disappointed in the knowledge of the staff. I will give it another chance next time in the Tampa area.

Sommeliers are all over that place. Ask for one next time you are there. They really know wine.

Yeah, at first I read your comment and read it as you talking to a somm. I’m not sure I’d ever look for wine advice from the server, no matter the restaurant.

what’s weird is you are ordering wine, with a waiter, and the waiter didn’t immediately pull a somm over to you.

Who ever wants to admit that they are not the person for the job?

Obviously, you’ve never dealt with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

That’s my thought, that he did have some knowledge and if he didn’t then he would get someone who did to help me. He did first say he would try and help me find something in my price range. vintage and then he never did suggest anything. I just thought he would know something, my fault for assuming…

Eh, end of the day, it seems like you had a good time!