Pierre Peters Heritage

I had acquired some of this Champagne recently and I had been waiting for the right occasion to open a bottle. I checked with someone who had it recently and he said it was a contemplative wine that you really want to follow over a few hours. So that led me to believe I needed to bring it to a small dinner with other wine geeks. The right occasion came on a recent trip to Boston. I reached out to Englishman’s_Claret who I think writes some of the best notes on CT, and as luck had it we were able to meet up for dinner with our respective wives as well. We began and finished with this bottle, and I drank it with foie gras as well as cheese. It tows the line between oxidative and fresh. The older vintages provide that nutty, caramel, toasty notes while the younger vintages add acidity, lemon and verve. A lot of times these old releases can be a letdown, but this showed really well and fit the occasion perfectly. Check out EC’s review on CT if you want to see a better description than mine. We drank some nice reds too which I will write-up in a separate post.


Nice note Jon, it sounds fantastic.

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Thanks Brad. It was one of those situations where the Champagne was a perfect match for the occasion (meeting new friends who love PP) and the food we drank it with.