Pictures missing from some posts

So it looks like either some strange ad-block thing is happening or there are random errors in showing photos in some posts. I had no trouble with seeing embedded images but it seems that some of them are being either blocked or just aren’t loading properly, leaving only a lot of blank space where the image should be.
The thread where it wasn’t working was the Los Angeles Eating/Drinking thread and recent food posts, if that helps.

I find it mostly in necrothreads so assume not all pics survived the migration?

That may be true in general, but these were new posts from after the migration.

I am having this trouble with most photos, including the new threads - but not every photo is affected. I have an ad blocker and a facebook blocker that are active, and I wonder if that’s the problem.

browser blockers can be the culprit, but if it is a specific thread that has issues, please point it out to me so I can look into it - hard to figure it out without a link. Just PM me with the thread, I can rebuild html and see if that fixes it, if I can even see it

@Glen_Gold yours is the Facebook blocker, as Instagram is owned by Facebook. Here’s what everyone else sees


Ahah. So if someone posts an Instagram link, I won’t see it becaue of my facebook blocker. Good to know - thanks.

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I’m running the same thing, so that must be my problem. Is there a more graceful way for this to display? Or perhaps a workaround where some intermediate server loads up the images? More and more of us are doing our best to prevent FB/Meta from tracking all of our internet activity so this problem will likely grow.

If you block Facebook/Meta/Instagram, no, there’s no way to show it in here, as you are blocking it, lol.

Anytime you have a post where there’s an IMAGE that doesn’t show, PM me so I can look for it, but when you have things blocked I have no way to override your settings on your browser

My wording may have been less than elegant.
The FB/IG blocker I use simply prevents tracking by keeping all requests from those URLs in a different browser sandbox (Facebook Container Tab on Firefox…it’s excellent). I was wondering if Discourse had, for example, a plugin that would add an indirection layer so that the Discourse server pulls the image from IG and then the end user only sees it as coming from Discourse. Then (a) you prevent tracking by IG for all users and (b) those of us with more aggressive tracking blockers can still see the images. It seems that as more people understand the depths of the tracking they are more likely to install these blockers. Maybe these sorts of plugins don’t exist, but they do seem useful.

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I get it, but haven’t found a solution - the fact that the web key I had to install so that IG posts can be embedded literally pulls the data from IG’s site, so any blocker would eliminate that code. Would be on IG to have the capability to turn that into a sort of ‘image preview’ but I know of nothing of the sort unfortunately

Yeah, it all would depend on the available APIs and/or plugins.

How does one do a picture?

The issue is it’s not embedding a picture. It’s embedding a post. So that is most likely not possible as it would eliminate the point of the embedding. Instagram tries its best to hide direct links now to pictures

Fb container tab is different as it just keeps fb in a box.

I see. That makes sense, at least from Meta’s point of view. I might just grant WB access to the FB Container and call it a day.