Pick my annual special wine, please.

Which wine should I drink?

  • 1997 Joseph Phelps Insignia
  • 1997 Caymus Special Selection
  • 2004 Chateau Haut-Brion
  • 2005 Chateau La Croix St. Georges
  • 2000 Chateau Lynch Bages

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Every year before the football season starts, on the first Saturday night I drink a really nice bottle of wine, and watch old football videos to get fired up for the next day. Silly tradition, I know, but I always look forward to trying one of my best bottles. Plus, I am a huge football fan and invite people over to watch the games at my house on the NFL Ticket. Opening this bottle is kind of a kickoff to the entire weekend.
The last 2 seasons I opened a 1999 Penfolds Grange, and thoroughly enjoyed both of them.
This year, I want you guys to pick what I should drink. My cellar isn’t huge, but I have a few nice ones that I have saved. All of the ones listed are the only one of that vintage I own, so make it count!
*I know a few of these I’d be drinking too early, but I don’t mind experimenting with young, quality wines.

Cheers! [thumbs-up.gif]

Is this where I chime in and say sorry to inform you but the season actually starts on Thursday. neener

I would go with the 97 Phelps, killer wine that is in a nice spot right now.

Ps. Go Cowboys!!

I know, I know. But the first Sunday is always the big day!

Thanks for the advice on the bottle. I hope your taste in wine is better than your taste in teams! neener

haven’t had the 04 and 05 but out of the other three the Insignia is tasting the best. The 2000 LB is a beast tho but could still benefit from more time

Eric, I’ve had 3 of the 5, only the LB from the French and it is a superb bottle, but it should be a keeper, you could possibly get it to the right spot with a lot of fiddling around with air time, but why bother. The Insignia is a superb wine drinking perfectly for me. The clear choice without a doubt. I know I’ve had the Caymus SS a few times, but can’t remember how much I liked the wine! [oops.gif]

+1 for Phelps… should be drinking beautifully right now
+1 for Dallas

I voted Caymus because either that or the Phelps wont go on forever, the rest youve got time on…

I voted for the 1997 Caymus Special Selection because it is the most ready. The others will all get better with another year or more.

Never had the 97 Caymus SS. The 97 Insignia is awfully beguiling though…



Bumping to get a few more votes in. [thankyou.gif]

Insignia all the way.

I haven’t had any of the others, but the 97 Insignia is one of the best wines that I have ever tasted in my life, so that gets my vote.

I lost track of the plusses for Insignia, so I’ll just agree with the choice :slight_smile:

Perhaps the CSG is approachable now, but I wouldn’t be too keen on opening the 00 LB or 04 HB at this stage. I voted 97 Insignia.

CSG is a monolithic beast…much more so than Pontet, Pape Clement or even Cos.

I voted for the 97 Phelps but don’t think the Caymus would be a mistake either. Don’t touch the young Bordeaux.

The Insignia is not quite as good now as it was at release. Drink that puppy up ASAP. So, I’d go with that. It is long past ready to go.