Philippine/Asian-Made Home & Fashion Accessories.

Dear All,

I thought to post on this small business I have an interest in, for whoever may be interested. It’s a web-based store (office in California) that sells home and fashion accessories made in my country and/or around Asia:

Click on the door on the right to enter and view our various offerings: placemats, table runners, throw pillows, purses, earrings necklaces, bracelets, brooches, etc. - you get the picture.

I realize these are not wine-related and are usually bought by ladies, but let that not stop this testosterone-dominated board from choosing stuff for their significant others. Our purchasing agent here definitely has an eye for things the ladies would like, and the prices are very friendly.



Melissa bought a pillow from Two Tables a while back, and I can attest that it is, without a doubt, the most incredible pillow I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. Our kids invite classmates from school to come see the pillow. Neighbors peer through our windows to catch a glimpse of its awesomeness. Tradesmen, such as plumbers and painters, do their work for free, solely for the privilege of being in the same house as the pillow. Other pillows seem dull and inconsequential by comparison. This pillow has changed our lives.

Seriously, nice stuff, great prices… check it out.