In for the acid freaks 3-pack. Thanks Shelby for being so accommodating!

The rosé is a sleeper for the first several months after bottling…but then it just seems to unfurl some magic. So, it should be tasting great by now.

Sojeau is epic as shown by @Erica_Landon and the team at Walter Scott. Bracken was planted in 2016 and we really look up to what Denny is doing next door!

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Love…these wines are generally approachable in their youth…so go for it!

Happy to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any other help with your shipment!

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So happy there is so much interest as I love these wines. I love them so much I did a little write up this morning on my visit last year!

As a devoted acid freak I think you will love them.

Totally unfamiliar with these, but was looking for something different so jumped in for a 3 pack of sparklers.

Order in for the solera 3 pack! Cannot wait

excited to try these - in for Offer 2 the Eola Pinot Noirs
Happy Berserker Day!

We await your return!!!

Definitely different!

In for an offer 2&3 - love Will Hamilton and if buys fruit from you well then! Also love it down in the EA!

Thanks for the offers!

Got me some bubbly SOLERA BLANC DE NOIRS

Come see us and we’ll walk the vineyard w/ Will next time you’re down!

The corks are still a bit springy and will put up a fight for another couple months…but they’ll relax…as we all eventually do!

When do you recommend we pop open the first one? Like many on here, I have too much wine already, so I can wait if I must haha

It tastes great already. As a brut nature, it has some bright acid profile…bottle age will probably create some beautiful nuances. I’d give it a few months to a few years.

That said, this is my first Solera bottling so I’m really really excited to see how this unfurls.

It’s a ton of work to make these wines by hand…a total art form and the least economical way to spend my time…but I think is some of the most meaningful as well!

Yeah you did!!!

first time buyer and super excited! had a couple memorable meals at Momofuku Ko! Ordered Offer 1 and Offer 2. Thanks so much and good luck today!

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