Pepsi Natural

I saw this at Costco the other day. Has anyone tried it? It’s supposed to be made with real kola nut and pure cane sugar. Glass bottle. We don’t drink enough soda to buy a whole case at Costco, but I’m curious.

I’ll split a case with ya.

Pepsi is such a west coast thing . . . and gross.

Pepsi sucks…

Mexican Coke kicks all ass.

It all peer pressure in the South of California . . .

You guys are full of fail.

Pepsi rules SO much harder than Coke…

Hey The French . . . Pepsi blows, it is made from sugar, syrup and small children . . .

*full disclosure I don’t drink carbonated drinks (i.e. soda) anymore (except sparkling water) so that last statement can’t really be verified

Dude, Pepsi rules. The game is over, there is no further discussion on the matter.

Your inability to recognize your own failure will eventually be your downfall.

Only I determine what is fail and what is not.

Maybe you should start wearing one of these…then, and only then will you rate enough to determine FAIL.

Does it withstand body odor well and is it very expensive and exclusive?

No, but it does help your Tennis game and time on the elliptical machine.

Mexican Coke is goodness in a bottle. Great flavor. Diet soda-- Coke, Pepsi, whatever-- has a revolting aftertaste. On the rare occasion I do have soda, I’ll take Mexican Coke (if I can find it) over Coke or Pepsi.

I prefer Coke to Pepsi, but they’re alike enough that I don’t understand all this “fail” crap. Can you love turquoise but hate teal with a passion?

People who wear that, drink Pepsi and watch Two and a Half Men!

Be quiet woman.


I bet that never works on Kristi, either.

That’s why he can go all e-thug on here. Tough guy.

Yeah, I’ll leave bowing up on Five-O to you and your West Coast Posse.