Pepiere, D'Ardhuy, Jadot, Musar, GPL

A few wines opened down in the cellar.

2012 Pepiere Muscadet Clisson
Flat out fantastic. Stony, minerally, after 2 hours open bursting with yellow fruit. Drink and hold

2010 Pepiere Muscadet Quatre
Okay, creamier than the Clisson. Pleasant enough, maybe a little boring to drink. Really suffered by its company.

2005 Domaine D’Ardhuy Les Peuillet Savigny Beaune
Young, vibrant. Really nice nose, not completely shut down on the plate - showing obvious quality but very young. Hearing all the reports of 2005s that are open for business I decided to test the waters with this. Not a waste but I won’t touch another for a while.

1993 Jadot Beaune Couchereaux
Again, beautiful nose. The palate was very nice, a little tight and it shut down further with air. Again, hold.

Other people opened wine too.

1999 Musar (375) - very pretty. Showed much more open than the bottle I opened a few months ago.

NV Krug - people tried to convince me this was an off bottle but I knew better. All Krug consists of off bottles.

1989 Chateau Olivier Blanc - eh, dry white Bordeaux. A category that has never been my thing. A requests to all my friends - please stop opening them in an attempt to find one I like!

1998 Grand Puy Lacoste - good classic Bordeaux. Hit the spot.

2001 Edmunds St. John Wylie Fenaughty - skating along gracefully. This wine has been beautiful for at least the last 5 years and is still beautiful.

Pepiere hit the ball out of the park in '12. After one taste of the Briords, I bought every bottle I could find. Thanks for the TN’s.

After not buying enough Briords (I kept drinking it instead of cellaring it) I made sure to buy some Clissons to put away.

Our palettes were very closely aligned:

I think you returned more to the Clisson; I tasted it only at the outset, when it was fairly tight. I preferred the 2010. Both showed classic Muscadet minerality.

Lovely pure pinot scents on the nose. I found this pretty approachable. There are tannins, to be sure, but so much fruit underneath that it was a pleasure right now. I thought I was getting some stems; in any event, something that lent a nice weedy complexity. 90+ with lots of potential.

Beautiful floral nose with a trace of celery. Fairly tannic, but lots of concentration and taughtly wound fruit, and the tannins are not coarse at all. Just adolescent but a beauty. 90++

I refused to believe this could be Musar when we were tasting blind, because I didn’t pick up any VA. But the texture was classic Musar. Some barnyard on the nose, and then some ripe indistinct fruit. Silky is the only way I can describe in the mouth, even though there was some grip left from tannin. This is perfect drinking now. 91+

My take exactly on both of these, as I posted on other threads: (GPL) (EStJ)

Oh, and I forgot to take credit for guessing the Musar blind :slight_smile:

I love Peppiere ! Thanks for the note!
Is there a thread that ranks the last 10 vintages?

I love Peppiere ! Thanks for the note!
Is there a thread that ranks the last 10 vintages?

I can attest to that… in the face of my protestations that it couldn’t possibly be.