People really care about the labels?!?

I ddnt mean collectors like that who don’t drink at all. I’m thinking of those folks that have wine cellars and have special display shelves and lighting to show off their ‘82 Petrus, their DRC, etc… Yes, they may drink some wines but they search for high end trophy wines to collect. Or they have collection goals like every 2016 classified growth from Pauillac. They are the ones buying those perfect labels on Winebid not restaurants. Restaurants generally don’t buy single bottles on winebid. When you see two bottles on winebid at the same price but one has a Scuffed label, I would always purchase the perfect label, if different prices I’d get the cheaper one

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That makes complete sense for older, very valuable, bottles. I’m referring to bottles within the last 10 years that aren’t even going for triple digits. Should have made that distinction in my initial posting.

As for the old vintage, I agree.

However, when I store the wines of the recent vintage I bought, I want the wine label to be clean if possible.

So when I buy wine recently, I put all the wine label films on it to manage it.

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