Peking Duck BerserkerFest Slaughterhouse November 7th - Table 2

Pre-2000 California and Oregon Pinot Noir

Steve E - 1999 Calera Jensen

Joe and Cynthia Dulworth - 1994 Broadley Pinot Noir Reserve
1999 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Guadalupe Vineyard

Mark & Pam J - 1999 Hartley-Ostini Hitching Post Highliner Pinot Noir
1995 Whitcraft Hirsch Vineyard Pinot Noir

Teresa - 1999 Ken Wright Pinot Noir Shea Vineyard

Mark & Stacy R - 1998 Hartford Court Arrendell and 2002 Calera Mills.

Jay H and Rebecca - white starter, 1996 Calera Mills, 2003 Coutet

This brings us to 10 people. With a more appealing gender balance, I might add. [dance-clap.gif]

Which two from this list do you guys prefer?

btw, in case you want to note it my +1 is my wife Cynthia.

[quote=“Joe Dulworth”]Which two from this list do you guys prefer?


I’m only familiar with the Ken Wright. What ever you guys decide will be fine

put me with the obnoxious table who is going to drink ever damn drop of good grape juice thats in the immediate area.

Preferably something that Brad wont like… :slight_smile:, kidding.

Brad I secretly wish I had your palate.

Drew - That description would probably apply to any table, but I added you to ours.

Party added.

Steve, go ahead and put me down for the 1994 Broadley and Cynthia down for the 1999 Ken Wright. I’ll leave the 1998 Cameron at home. I might bring a bottle of bubbles depending on packing space.

…you wish for no palate? [whistle.gif]

No, he generously wishes that he could take Brad’s palate away to spare those of us who usually drink with him. Bless you.

Wines edited

Still haven’t looke through the cellar for others, but here is what I know I have that fits the bill:

1998 Hartford Court Pinot Noir Jennifer’s
1999 Hartford Court Pinot Noir Marin
2000 Sanford Pinot Noir
1997 Sanford Pinot Noir Wild Vetch
1995 Sanford Pinot Noir Barrel Select Sanford & Benedict

Anyone up for a chard as a starter? Can also bring a Kistler or Aubert…

Looking forward to seeing Steve again, as well as meeting the imfamous Mr. Dulworth and others! Steve: want me to bring your 3 chards up with me that I owe ya?


Hey Guys: just a heads up, if a seat opens up on the waitlist, I am going to plus one because I think the wife is gong to join me for this one. I’ll let ya know for sure soon. How many can we fit at each table? I am assuming it’s 10? -mJ


I’d say if no one steps up for this table, just bring her. neener

Can you do that? We have 45 people for 45 seats…I can’t believe everyone is going to sit where they want, so some people might have to sit at different tables.

Nah, I was just kidding. I want some more people at table 2.

2 tables of 10, 2 tables of 12. 1 will sit on michel’s lap =45

Would it help if we added Burgs to the mix?

Or newer Pinots?

Whatever works. Wasn’t trying to be inflexible/impractical.

Hopefully a seat opens up so I can bring the wife. Originally she was going to be out of town, but now she is in.

I looked at some of my older pre 2000 pinot and a few bottles ae questionable. I am going to bring the two that look good for sure, the '95 Sanford and the '98 Hartford Court. The others look filled with sediment. Also looking to source as well. I KNOW I have some late 90’s Merry Edwards somewhere, but I still cannot find them. Thought I had some older Oregon as well from both Shea and Domaine Serene, but no idea where they are…UGH!

I could always bring some of our 2007 pinot that we made from the Santa Cruz Mountains! :wink: -mJ