Peay open house

The nice people at Peay Vineyards had their annual open house today in Cloverdale.
Poured were (with notes on my favorites):
2003 Estate Viognier
2007 Roussanne/Marsanne
Bright pale yellow. Floral, perfume smell.
Somewhat subdued beginning, but a long, sweet, and fruity finish (lime and maybe kiwi), very refreshing.
2006 Estate Chardonnay
2007 Estate Chardonnay
2004 Estate Pinot
2006 Pomarium Pinot
2006 Scallup Shelf Pinot
This was sold out. Those of you who bought are going to have a very nice experience in a couple of years. Already it tastes of ripe berry fruit. The winemakers strongly suggest holding it for another couple of years.
2007 Estate Pinot
This is a very fruity wine that can be drunk soon, after at least an hour decant.
2006 La Bruma Syrah
2006 Les Titans Syrah
Still needs more time, but will be nice when it gets a bit more age. Black pepper/smokey smell, berry fruit taste.
2003 Estate Syrah
Our favorite. Dark but still translucent; slightly cloudy. Smooth and fruity. We bought three bottles. Will report back in six months or a year.
2003 Williams Selyem Peay Pinot
Ready to drink now. Smokey acid smell. Lovely sweet cherry fruit. Medium dark color. Very balanced wine.

Celebrity sighting: Rod Berglund.

love their wines! would have loved the chance to buy some 03 Syrah last vintage before La Bruma and Les Titans began?

Dave - what time were you there? We showed up Traci and I along with our friends Tina and Glenn and then Alan Rath joined us. We were there around 2:30 or so.

I thought the 06 Las Bruma was awesome. The 03 Estate Syrah was rockin good - showing earthy dark fruit, truffle nice balance and length.

The 07 Estate Pinot is definitely a fruit forward but very tasty Pinot. Fruit forward but not chunky or clunky…

Loved both of the Chards…Andy P sent us home with an almost full bottle of one of the Chards…took to dinner at my favorite Bay Area Japanese restaurant…HANA JAPANESE…

Good times for sure.

Oh - Glenn - I believe Andy did say the 03 Estate Syrah was the last year of the Estate Syrah. 04 and forward have been separated in to Les Titans and La Bruma


We were there from two to three.
I took pix. I’m on the road at the moment, but will put them on Flickr when I get home, and put up a link. Maybe you’re in them.
We liked the 07 Pinot as well, and bought a little bit.
I don’t do much chard, and don’t buy much white, but we did pick up a couple of bottle of Roussanne/Marsanne. Very intriguing.
I was the old guy with a notebook drinking by the sorting machine.

Peay open house photos

Hey - in the first photo album I am in picture center left between the two women in white shirts. I have the tan shorts and gray tshirt.