Pax Mahle is busy! 'Agharta Wines Spring Offer' just in

I didn’t know I was on this list, as I’ve never heard of Agharta. I certainly know of Pax Mahle, so it’s likely a scenario where he’s using contacts from another of his projects.

Sounds like (from the RMP note contained therein and the brief info here on WB that I found) it is not my style of wine, at all. Interesting that it is released now, and is a 2004!


58 months in french oak… wow

How much?

And yeah, almost five years is stiff.

$75… I will give em to you for $100 [smileyvault-ban.gif]

Nice try. The offer letter just hit me as well.

Pretty aggressive IMHO.

alc.: 15.7%
ph: 3.77
price: $75

ummmm … thanks, but no thanks. I’ll save my money for Wind Gap. [training.gif]

Pangea was a very interesting, very expansive Syrah.

I believe this current offer is the '04 Pangea with extended aging.

That is what it sounds like Brett.

That’s what it says in the offer (and I assume why Glenn mentioned it here).

One curious thing though is that (according to Parker) there are 475 cases of Agharta, while there were only 56 cases of the 02 Pangea and 113 cases of the 03.

got this offer, too… probably because i get the Wind Gap offerings… i will probably get a couple of bottles to check out.

That is curious.

Hey if you buy a case you get a free magnum which drops the price to about $64…

As a charter member of the Wine-With-Flavor Bourgeoisie [stirthepothal.gif], I have just placed an order with Pax Mahle’s “new” venture for the 58 months in oak, Rhone blend of 92% Syrah, 5% Grenache, and the rest Viognier, Marsanne, and Roussane. I expect delivery soon, so I will pop a bottle at BF 2.5 Day 2 and share it with those who like flavor in their wine. Those who do not may obtain small tastes by begging. neener

For more information, see the following discussion on the Dark Side:

Count me in!!!

BTW there is a thread here too:" onclick=";return false;

I’m in for a few bottles.

I bought a case and got the signed magnum - arrived last week. On Friday, we popped one along side an '04 Alban Reva and '05 Saxum Bone Rock. It was right there with both of the other two - an excellent wine. Very well balanced and not over-oaked even after 58 months in barrel. I didn’t find it overly “hot” at all. Ron Freed and his wife Andrea joined me that night - perhaps he will weigh in as well.

Mark, thanks for the frame of reference. I have had the other two wines mutliple times, and have enjoyed them. This might sway me to get a couple of bottles if I can scrounge up some extra funds.

I went on to order some today and it is sold out…bummer I was looking forward to my first extended aged wine. Oh well next time I guess.

Also missed this but you can’t buy 'em all.