I watched Stanley Tucci „Searching for Italy“ in the last days and it is always like making holiday in Italy. In addition it brought back wonderful memories from last august/september, as we spend time in Portofino and Paraggi Bay.

Here we have a recipe from the episode in London. I was in the mood for something fresh and „Lemon Pasta“ was perfect for it. I have the luck that I could buy organic Amalfi lemons in Berlin, what a difference (!) in taste to normal lemons.


250g fresh Papardelle or other pasta
2 unwaxed lemons (from Amalfi)
1 peperoncino
30g parmesan
30-50g butter
olive oil

optional: rocket


  1. Heat a good dash of olive oil in wok or big sauteuse or pan. Add chopped peperoncino and cook on medium heat for 2-3min. I used also chopped garlic, but I would not use it again, too dominant in flavor. But fair to say you can use garlic cloves not chooped, but remove it from the pan until lightly brown.

  1. Cook fresh pasta for 2-3min. Add butter to the pan and reduce the heat

  1. Add lemon peel and then lemon juice from 1 lemon. Also add a good dash of pasta water. Add a bit more heat and let everything combine

  1. Now add fresh cooked pasta and combine.

  1. Add parmesan and combine with pasta

  1. Finally add aditional lemon juice on top and also lemon peel. Optional also add more parmesan. incredibile

Optional drizzle some rocket leaves on top. But right now is no season for rocket in my garden. Other rocket I doń`t buy anymore.

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Paraggi Bay



Wait, are you cooking Italian food in a iron wok?

It is rather a XL sauteuse. But they sell it in Germany as a wok.

All the cooks in Italy use a kind of XL sauteuse for pasta. You have to combine the sauce with the pasta and a big sauteuse/pan is the best.

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I’ve been in the mood for something like this, may make tonight as I have most of the ingredients handy.

Regarding Searching for Italy, I’ve seen a few episodes and have enjoyed for the most part but they kinda bog down. Maybe ruined by AB. He does his own thing with more focus; is different. He’s just unfortunately in the shadow of a giant.

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