Parrano Cheese! Who knew?

WetRock left behind some Perrano cheese from Trader’s. I’ve never had it before, and it is incredible. There is a very distict flavor that I can’t quite put my finger on. Wow, is it good. Anyone have any info on this?

Its good stuff. If you like that I would recommend the UnieKaas cheeses that Whole Foods carries. They are like crack to me. You have one local in Orleans or Hoopa yeah?

Parrano RULES!

It’s like a semi-soft paramesan, with a bit of gouda, or manchego…so delish.

Oh yeah, right next to the indian taco stand. neener

I was gonna say, “It’s good stuff!” but I see Cris already said that. [pwn.gif]

Totally agree; it’s a killer cheese. You can also buy it at Ralph’s…