PARIS; what's your favorite neightborhood/arrondissement and why?

It wasn’t. My point about recommendation is sometimes they’re trying to move slow sellers.

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As a city that is so easy to get around by foot, Metro or Bus, it doesn’t really matter where you stay. But, I like staying in the 6th. We have rented apartments through air bnb successfully in the past or if it is only a couple of nights we stay at the Hotel Artus. Always start each day with a run around the Luxembourg gardens.

I got dragged along to the Dior exhibition a couple of months ago and actually enjoyed it. We had excellent meals at Le Villaret, Cagouille, Le Bon Georges, Les Climats, Vantre, L’Ami Jean and L’Assiette.

We usually stay within 6 or so blocks of Blvd St Michel in the 5th or 6th. Last visit we stayed on the south end of the Luxembourg Gardens, which was nice for roaming. And if you want a rewarding stay, get a rental on Ile Saint-Louis near Berthillon

I’d gain 5 lbs every day if I was that close to Berthillon :laughing:

Marais and 6th. WE kind of almost alternate between the 2 during visits.

I don’t know how to do the separate quote thing. But I wanted to respond to both of these points. I agree…Paris is pretty easy to navigate. The one thing I would say is that in an ideal situation, you’re staying in close walking distance to two different metro lines that don’t run parallel to each other. This way you can get to pretty much anywhere in the city either directly or by transferring once. When we stayed in the Marais we found it a bit inconvenient because we were only near one metro line. On one trip we stayed at the Hotel Lutetia and I found that location to be perfect. Walking distance to a ton of places we wanted to visit and situated near two different metro lines.

I’ve been to the Dior exhibit when it was in London and in Brooklyn (I’m married with two daughters and all three of my ladies are fashion fans). I found the exhibit to be fascinating and really well put together. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I’m really enjoying this thread, and getting lots of good info.

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I only half agree with the comment that it doesn’t matter where one stays. It is true that the Métro makes traveling across the city a breeze, I much prefer, while in Paris, to have three things at my door. A decent café, a good park and one of the better open air markets. I know I am in Paris if I can conveniently spend a half hour with some tea and some reading, watching the world go by. And hitting a market once a week becomes essential. So with that in mind:

My favorite neighborhood for a stay of a week or more is l’Île Saint-Louis. You can get your caffeine fix easily enough, the clutch of places at the western end of the island never lack for people watching. The park at the eastern end and the quais are excellent spots to relax in the sun. The open air market requirement is more of a stretch, as the walk to Richard Lenoir is longer than ideal for a market trip. Comparatively, Métro service is only average. Sully-Morland and Pont Marie are close enough but both on line 7. Other lines really aren’t that far, except by Paris standards. A two minute walk across one bridge brings you to Notre Dame, across another and you are in Village Saint-Paul, a third and you are in the Sorbonne neighborhood. On the island you might be able to find an apartment in one of the old hôtel particuliers. During a month-long stay in one I got something closer to the sense of living in Paris instead of visiting. It had a grand stair case (statues and busts, no less), a porte-cochère (le code a changé!) and, most importantly, a courtyard. Much of everyday life in Paris happens in courtyards and we tourists usually miss out. But I met several locals in the courtyard and a few opportunities opened up, such as a peak at the interior of the Hôtel Lambert. A last charming note: the island gets quiet at night, much quieter than 3/4, and you have a feeling of being in Paris but not of Paris.

Another choice would be between Métro Jussieu and Place Monge. Cafés are ok, Jardin des Plantes is close by and the under-rated market at Place Monge is very close. Jussieu is on lines 7 and 10, pretty good.

Another option, away from the river, would be between Ave Wagram and Parc Monceau. I find the cafés and restaurants good. The lovely Parc-promenade is close by and most tourists never glimpse it. Perhaps lacking in street markets.

I’d like to stay near Place de l’Odéon, Luxembourg Gardens is a big draw for me. But the apartment supply has never seemed compelling.

Sentier has the opposite qualities. No parks at all.

If staying in the Marais, I’d advise renting in the Village Saint-Paul, between Rue Saint-Antoine and the river. Much quieter than the upper reaches of 3/4. And while I have no problem partaking in the night life of 3/4, I’d prefer to sleep through it if not partaking.

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I agree with your analysis, but reached a different conclusion. Our epicenter for lodging is precisely the corner of Rue Grenelle and Rue des Saints-Peres on the border of the 6th and 7th, where we’ve rented for 8 of the past 11 years (missed a year to Covid, and stayed once on the Quai Montebello opposite Notre Dame a few months after it burned and once in a great apt on Rue Jacob).

We love our neighborhood: 10 mins walk to Luxembourg and Odeon. 2 mins walk to Polaine, 5 to La Grand Epicerie.

From our apt, the 10/12, and 4 Metros are five mins walk, as is the Lutetia, where I stop in daily for a glass of Taittinger Cuvée Lutetia. And great bus options both along the left bank and across the river. I’m a huge fan of Paris bus service.

A few months ago we stayed on the Place des Vosges, which we loved, for a week before our apt was ready. I’d rather stay between Saint-Antoine and Rue Bretagne I think than in St Paul Village, but I get your point.


We always stay in the 6th. Saint Germain Des-pres. For us, best mix of location and convenience to cafes, restaurants, sights, metro, markets, etc.

I’m not sure we would stay anywhere else at this point just based on familiarity and memories.

I love your analysis and agree that your location is perfect. We’ve stayed at the Lutetia and loved it.

Have you stayed at the Lutetia since the remodel? It is gorgeous.

Paris by Mouth is a worthwhile website for Americans looking for restaurants


Where you stay is important. The first time I visited Paris I stayed in the 10th because I heard it was a cool up-and-coming neighborhood. We were mistaken and although we felt safe, it wasn’t enjoyable.


Sorry I missed this when you posted it. We stayed at the Lutetia right after it was renovated…the renovation before the most recent one though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m going to say this was right after Thanksgiving in 2005.

Over the course of many years we’ve stayed at a number of places. Near Place de Madeleine is always very convenient to shopping, restaurants, wine stores, and to Laudree, Hediard, and Fauchon.

In 2014, the new ownership group closed the hotel for four years and spent €250 million on the redo. It is spectacular. My wife has tea in the library most afternoons and I stop by for a glass of Taittinger Cuvee Lutetia (Taittinger sold to the current owners) on the way home to our apartment most evenings. The Josephine Bar, named for Josephine Baker, is lovely, as is the library.

That sounds incredibly delightful!

5 arrondissement, so much slower paced, gorgeous place to stroll around. Has one of my favorite small restaurants frequented by locals, La Ferrandaise

I think the majority of the best restaurants are in the north east quadrant (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11). Staying in the 9, 10, 11 is convenient and there will be so many restaurants nearby. It’s also just a really easy city to get around so no issue getting from 9, 10, 11 to say the 14th