Pappy 23 (2016 release) SOLD

My much much much better half has dictated that I find a new home for the bottle of Pappy 23 year old I was purchased late last year (2016 release). Apparently she’d rather we put money towards a new couch than see me enjoy time with a 20-something year old. Go figure. It bottle is pristine is in the velvet bag with the original hang tag. I’m asking $xxxx for the Pappy 23. I’ve tried to price them attractively given market prices per wine-searcher. I’m located in Walnut Creek in the Bay Area. I’d prefer a local buyer in the Bay Area if possible (I’m happy to meet you anywhere in the Bay Area), though I’ll ship if needed (shipping cost and risk are buyer responsibilities).

Edit — SOLD


Any shot you can find a home for the better half and keep the Pappy?

I’m with Cary. This is not worth the loss of your manhood.

I out-punted my coverage so that’s not in the cards. [snort.gif]

Downed inside the 1!

Price on the Pappy 23 dropped $100 and Handy has been sold.

Last price drop of $100 on the Pappy.

Last last price drop of another $100.00

Waiting for the NEXT last last last price drop.

(kidding. Not in the market for Pappy, but do hear a lot of buzz about it)

Bump. Still for sale.

Here we go buddy, last last last last price drop to $xxxx.

Sale pending.