Palmer 1990 from half bottle

I have started drinking a lot of my half bottles lately, and saved the Palmer for a special occasion. As nothing special seemed to be happening, I declared Wednesday to be special and opened the bottle.

Immediately smacked by a clear, perfect note of Bordeaux, cassis, leather and mint. A touch of oak took nothing away. This is impressive stuff. Still slightly tight initially, I should have decanted it a couple of hours before.

As it opened it lost some of its angularity, but the structure held the wine to its many layers. A half bottle for two, especially a great one, is not going to last long, and although I tried valiantly to put aside to see how it developed, a final piece of ribeye needed a partner, and the wine was gone. Splendid bottle and at least a mid 90s result.


Like the way you roleā€¦