Pallus chinon

Does anyone have any experience with this wine? Rare wine co is selling the base chinon and some form of a luxury cuvée and I am looking to fill out a case before shipping season. If it helps, I love chinon. The offering is 2010. Thanks!

I think you mean Pallus. Never tried it, but been meaning too, as it’s one of the very few Chinon estates that I have not tried. Gilman seemed to love the '09.

Yeah, I just noticed my phone auto corrected the name. I changed it. That is the one. Gilman seems to love the 10 as well. I’m just not sure it is worth $45 for a luxury cuvée. I love baudry, joguet, guion, etc.

I have found the pensees de Pallus, which is the c. $20 wine. It was not impressive. I found it modern and anonymous, and overripe despite being a cooler year, IIRC 2007. Think I may have tasted another vintage or two at tastings and found the same, but those would all be roughly 2005-2008 range, so perhaps things have improved.

That is not what I am looking for…

Yeah, it sort of struck me as Loire CF for those who don’t really like Loire CF, maybe a gateway to the category for those not tuned in, but little else.

Never had their upper level wine though, it could be an entirely different story.


I don’t recall the exact vintage that I bought and drank last year, but Michael’s observation above applied. I also seem to recall that the store that sold it had touted it in their website as similar to Foucault’s Clos Rougeard wines.
I could not associate the Pallus with any Clos Rougeard reds that I’ve had.

edited to add: last sentence.

I’ve had the 09 several times (Pensees). I did not find it to be overextracted/oaked/modern etc etc…at all. I was also given this wine in a double blind lineup and I immediately pegged it as Chinon cab franc, so I think that speaks for the typicity.

However, my experience with Chinon is fairly limited, and it is not one of my favourite regions, so take this with a grain of salt.

Count me in as less than impressed.

I had a bottle of 09 pensees de Pallus, and I thought it had beautiful understated yet fresh fruit, and expect it to age and grow into an elegant and sophisticated bottle of wine. I do not find it an overly modern or oaky wine.

I think it is worth getting a lower level bottle and see how you like it.

I posted on their wines years ago and no one knew who they were, seems most things haven’t changed.
I really enjoy their wines, I would equate the style of the Pensees to Pallus as Lapierre basic Morgon to the Marcel Lapierre Cuvee.
It’s richer and denser but not in a chocolaty oaked up or overly fruited way, it’s just got a ton of structure and is meant to age.
I would never equate this to Foucault’s wines as Clos Ro is more transparent than dense. Clos Ro to me shows more of a classic BDX (they use older BDX barrels), Pallus is more like a Bigger style Ribera Del Duero(more new oak) if that makes sense.
Depends on the style you like but I can see these wines lasting 20-30 years no problem.
And in the current marketplace these are about $15 dollars cheaper than Foucault’s entry level wine.
I almost pulled the trigger on that Rare wine offer but I’m cutting back.

Interesting comparison. Have to admit that I prefer Lapierre’s basic Morgon far more than the Cuvee. I actually pass on the Cuvee at this point.

You guys are comparing Pensees to Pallus?

Which one is bigger? [scratch.gif]

I’ve had the 2010, and I thought it was good, although, as other people have pointed out, not typically “Chinon”. It reminded me more of Cabernet Sauvignon than of Cabernet Franc.

For the money, Bernard Baudry is hard to beat.

You can add me into the category of those who find the pensee cuvee kind of indistinct and boring. It seems relatively ubiquitous, for reasons i don’t get. Never tried an aged one, or the higher end cuvee.

All in all, i can think lots of Loire cf i’d seek out first–baudry, but many others too.


Bigger and more woody!

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