Pairing suggestions: Valtellina

Have a bottle of Fay Valtellina on the ready shelf. Need something to eat with it.


Jim - I’m sure Roberto will chime in but I would pair it with lamb or veal or some rich salumi and cheese.

Think hearty, harvest flavors and not too much acidity: Mushrooms, roast chicken (or duck!), grilled or braised lamb or venison. Sausages are big in the zona. Sandro Fay once took me for lunch to a place with three DIFFERENT “hunter’s sausage” dishes on the menu made from the bounty of three different hunters: one was elk, one was water fowl and one was “that guy will shoot anything!”.


Sounds like sausages or leg of lamb in the near future. I just got the Pork & Sons cookbook, and am dying to test-drive some recipes.


Treat it like you would a Barolo or Barbaresco.

Lamb, mushroom risotto etc.